The House of Mitt

    The guy who says he knows how to get Americans back to work made good on his word. Mitt Romney hired contruction workers, carpenters and the like to add 11,000-square-feet on to his $12 million mansion in La Jolla, California.
   The frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination must look at the White House and think it’s a trailer park.
   Man of the people, Willard Mitt Romney. Millions out of work. Lord knows how many are facing foreclosure or working extra jobs to meet mortgage payments.
   Willard Mitt Romney. The snake oil salesman who a while back joked with jobless people that he could identify with them because “I’m also unemployed.”
   Funny how a gazillionaire can be unemployed and still manage to pay for having his mansion nearly quadruple in size.
   That’s a joke, right.
   Even funnier, Willard Mitt Romney is probably paying for that much-needed mansion makeover with the $100 million he pocketed when he left running Bain Capital. Money he made giving the OK to lay-off hard-working Americans or especially by shipping good American jobs overseas.
   Maybe he could meet with voters who have lost their homes to foreclosure and joke that he sometimes feels homeless when he’s on the campaign trail and not able to get a good night’s sleep at one of his three mansions.
   Willard Mitt Romney. Man of the people — in the top one percent of the wealthy.
   The next time Willard sits down with the common folk who are struggling someone needs to ask him if he ever worked a day in his life. If he ever got dirt underneath his fingernails.
   Romney is like Hooper in “Jaws,” the shark expert who Quint the old salt tells, after looking at his hands to see if he has ever toiled, “You have city hands, you been countin’ money all your life.”
   Famous quotes that can be reworked by Willard to fit what snake oil this reptile is really selling:
                   “A house divided against itself cannot stand, unless you quadruple the size.”
    “A man’s three homes are his castles.”
            “I don’t bring change you can believe in, I brought Master Card and Visa.”
 “Republicans are for the common man and the dollar, but not necessarily in that order.”
       “Speak softly and carry a big wallet.”
      “A photo-op is worth a thousand votes.”
 “If you have to ask how much something costs, we’re not related.”

“Time is money. And I’ve got nothing but time.”

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