Know your antichrists

     President Obama surely must have thought he was on home turf when he spoke at a fundraiser in L.A. on Monday.
    But a heckler ruined his star-studded attraction.
    The heckler stopped Obama in his tracks when he screamed that Jesus Christ is God and a Christian God.
    Thank you, Mr. Redudant.
    Of course, the heckler was likely more an apostle of the Nixon Dirty Tricksters, weasels who used to plant loudmouths at opponents’ rallies to upset the festivities.
    The heckler was escorted out by security, but not before he got across the point of why he was really there. He screamed that Obama is an antichrist.
    Naturally, Obama was a bit flustered, but he kept his cool.
    The president must’ve had many ideas of how he could’ve neutralized the heckler.
    Like a Predator drone.
    OK, maybe not that.
    Obama is sharp and probably could’ve cut him to the quick. But he’s eloquent and stays above the fray. He’s not exactly a throwing red meat to the crowd kind of guy.
    Unlike some bloggers.
    Here are five comebacks President Obama could’ve given the crowd and used to neutralize the heckler:
    1.  Heckler: “You’re an antichrist!”:
         Obama: “Who invited my mother-in-law?”
    2.  Heckler: “Antichrist!”
         Obama: “Hey pie face, this antichrist got bin Laden.”
    3.  Heckler: “Antichrist!”
         Obama: “Very funny, Biden.”
    4.  Heckler: “Antichrist!”
         Obama:  “Antichrist? That’s not what it says on my fake birth certificate.”
    5.  Heckler: “You’re an antichrist!”
         Obama:  “I miss the good ol’ days when I was simply referred to as a socialist Muslim not born in this country who pals around with homegrown terrorists.”

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