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The next frontrunner

          The honeymoon is over.   The latest Republican presidential poll shows that voters are feeling the need to secede from supporting Texas Gov. Rick Perry.   Now Mitt Romney is in the lead. Makes sense that those surveyed are for the … Continue reading


The other Jersey situation

      Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been laying low since his debate debacle last week in Florida. He’s still the cowboy with the white hat riding in on a white steed at fundraisers at $50,000 a plate, even though he … Continue reading


Know your antichrists

     President Obama surely must have thought he was on home turf when he spoke at a fundraiser in L.A. on Monday.    But a heckler ruined his star-studded attraction.    The heckler stopped Obama in his tracks when he screamed that … Continue reading

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Take us to your fearless leader

        Guess none of the current crop of Republican presidential candidates have that “X Factor.”      Now there’s talk that rotund Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is being courted to run.      He’s still saying  no. They just haven’t offered him … Continue reading


Just desserts

         This one takes the cake.   A conservative values organization called the American Family Association is coming out against ice cream.   Well, the name of one specific flavor of ice cream being test-marketed by Ben & Jerry’s.   Conservatives against any … Continue reading


The yellow rose and Texas

      President Obama attended a DMC fundraiser in NYC on Monday. Wonder if he asked if there were any millionaires in the crowd and were prepared to do battle in a little “class warfare.”  Earlier in the day, Obama was … Continue reading

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Dinner with The Donald

            The meeting of bombast and bad hair meshed Wednesday night in New York City when Republican presidential hopeful Texas Gov. Rick “I feel the need to secede” Perry was wined and dined by buffoon tycoon Donald Trump.     Perry appeared … Continue reading

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Resurrecting Harry

      Oh, no, not the Harry Truman syndrome.   Two words about that: Too soon.   Political wonks are well aware of the Harry Truman syndrome. It has been used by Democratic candidates for president over the years who were losing to their … Continue reading

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          Anger is the new civility.      At the Tea Party Express-sponsored Republican presidential debate on Monday, one key moment surfaced to give some credence to this theory.      Candidate Ron Paul, who opposes President Obama’s health care plan, was asked should … Continue reading


Obama’s pep talk

        If President Obama’s jobs plan speech was a Broadway show and the Stock Market was the critic who could make or break it, the show would close after opening night.        The Dow plummeted 300 points the day after the … Continue reading

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