The Republican Party has had so much success saying no to President Obama, they’re now saying no to each other.
  On Tuesday, Chris Christie said no to seeking the presidential nomination in 2012.
  On Wednesday, Sarah Palin said, nah-ah.
  Not only are Republicans saying nada to running for president, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said no thank you to being considered for the vice presidential spot on the ticket.
  The GOP keeps looking for a savior. Some were looking at Christie like he was the second coming. Just a coincidence that the name Christ is in his last name?
  The mogul of Home Depot told PBS’s Charlie Rose he did “everything but kiss him (Christie) on the lips.” Jesus only had people washing his feet.
  Rubio, a freshman senator, is being groomed for a run in 2016, should Obama win re-election. It makes sense for him to bow out of the second banana spot on the ticket. If the GOP loses in 2012 with him on the ticket, it puts him in a bad spot four years later. If he was the VP candidate and his team wins, he still loses. Ask Al Gore.
  Palin, you big tease you. You couldn’t man-up. You copped out by saying “you don’t need a title to make a difference.” But then you have a title: diva, with an aura that makes you seem more like the Lady Ga Ga of politics instead of a viable presidential candidate.
  You should just let everyone know you’re dropping your last name and want to be known only as Sarah. Then you can hook up  with fellow divas Cher and Madonna and play Vegas.
  If that’s not show bizzy enough for you, you can just stay on Fox News and pontificate from your safe haven. That protective bubble.
  If that’s not the case, why not go the whole Fox News female route: dye your hair blonde and start showing a little leg.
  Woman-up, Princess Photo-Op.
  Whereas Christie would’ve been a huge force, Palin is the huge farce.
  She’s finally realized it maybe. But will never fess up to it. It hasn’t been a great year for her, starting with that self-righteous diatribe she spewed after the Tucson rampage that almost killed Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.
  It finally ended on Wednesday when she said she chooses not to run. Palin probably thought that would be the talk of the day, as much as it was about Christie the day before.
  But Palin’s not surprising decision was overshadowed by the death of the visionary Steve Jobs.
  If Obama is so vulnerable, why isn’t the GOP field more than eight mediocre candidates? Do they really want Mitt Romney to carry the banner?
  Romney’s the rich kid in high school who always had good parties with the best labels on the liquor bottles, but who never got invited to the middle-class kids’ beer blasts.
  It appears the vulnerable president can be beat, but the real heavyweights of the GOP are having more success beating a dead horse, instead of actually getting into the horse race.
  It’s the fear they might win.
  They know their place.
  And some, like Palin, are all show.

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