Running for president can be fun

      On his way to tape “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” President Obama’s motorcade got stuck in L.A. traffic. It even hampered one of our famous police car chases (which the police always win.)
   Afterwards, Obama was set to travel to Colorado for a fundraiser in Colorado, where eight inches of snow was expected to greet him.
   It’s shaping up to be a dubious week for the president —– something he may have no one else to blame but himself.
   Or maybe he’s just getting comfortable with Fox News, Republicans and right wing-nuts blaming him for everything.
   At a fundraiser Monday in Las Vegas, Obama appeared sullen and downbeat about his own future, let alone the future of the nation.
   Maybe it was his malaise moment.
   He admitted that the word hope on his 2008 campaign banners was starting to fade.
   Worse, he matter-of-factly told his fundraisers that his administration succeeded at getting 60 percent of what they set out to do accomplished.
   We don’t need a president who feels sorry for himself. There’s plenty of us out there he can feel sorry for.
   That speech he gave is manna from heaven for the loyal opposition.
   And justifiably so.
   He basically looked and sounded like he was losing faith in himself.
   The first rule of politics, it seems, should be smile, darn ya, smile. Even when times are dire. Especially when times are dire.
   Obama was giving the impression that he’s beginning to become irrelevent. He may have something there, since that issue is taking shape with the country that is figuring if he isn’t just a one-term presient.
   It’s up to the president to not only prove that to be false, but to diguise it as best he can if it is true.
   Embellishing the truth is what politicians do best. And the more successful ones just flat out lie.
   Failure in leadership at the top is decided by the people, not by some whose ambition is furthered by how a majority is suffering.
   If your best ain’t good enough, the best thing you can do is go down swinging and not take a called third strike.
   And as long as the Republican Party is offering one candidate from Lilly White and the Seven Dorks as his likely contender, Obama shouldn’t feel that down in the dumps.
   Obama was in rare form with Leno. He was in his element in L.A. as the celebrity president.
   He was funny and affable.
   Not surprisingly, the right wingers, Fox and their political party, the Republicans, criticized Obama’s appearance on a comedy show in tough economic times.
   Funny, they never say anything about GOP presidential hopefuls who are former commentators on Fox News comedy shows.
   Speaking of clowns, the buffoon tycoon Donald Trump is trying to weasel his way back into the media spotlight by getting his stooge, GOP presidential hopeful Texas Gov. Rick Perry, to regurgitate the birther nonsense.
   You would think that the Republicans have enough ammo to use Obama as target practice, what with an anemic economy.
   But Little Ricky says The Donald is just having fun trying to get under Obama’s skin with the chestnut “where’s your birth certificate.”
   It’s OK for The Donald to get under peoples’ skin. That’s what he does best. But it wouldn’t be advised to anyone to consider getting under that thing on Trump’s head.
   Perry needs a good laugh, because his sudden drop in the polls to single digits is proving that his candidacy is a joke.
   He surrendered 25 points to GOP frontrunner Herman Cain, who is working on his third week on top of the heap.
   Cain’s latest political ad features a guy smoking a cigarette. That must be Cain’s homage to Big Tobacco money funding his campaign. He’s not only the Pizza Man, he’s now the Marlboro Man, too.
   Cain and Perry seem to be the two candidates having the most fun running for the nomination. So we can overlook the fact  that Cain knows squat about foreign policy. So he can’t name the leader of what he referred to as “Ubecky, becky stan.” And neither can we. But we’re not running for president.
   Cain could’ve showed us the funny and answered that the leader of “Ubecky, becky stan” is Borat.
   Maybe, as Cain’s critics are suggesting, he’s just in it to get a show on Fox News and then go the Princess Photo-Op Palin route and write books and make tons of money on the speaking circuit.
   Truth is, he wouldn’t even pass the audition for the old “Saturday Night Live” cast.
   They weren’t ready for primetime either.
   Smoke ’em if you got ’em, Herm.


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