Good humor man

    President Obama killed last night on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” And for once, Leno didn’t come off as a snarky DB
 Obama touted his foreign policy accomplishments, made the regular excuses (Congress can’t stop saying “no”) as to why the economy is still clinging to life support.
 Of course Obama’s critics got on his case for doing a comedy show while we teeter on the Great Depression 2.
 There’s a reason why they’re whining about Obama in this case: He’s damn good at it.
 A lot of the back-and-forth centered on serious issues, but it was the lighter side that reinforced the fact that Obama is naturally funny and, yes, very cool.
 The prez had a lot of good lines, but the best had to be when Leno asked him if he watched any of the Republican presidential debates.
 Without missing a bit, the prez quipped, “I’m going to wait until everyone is voted off the island.”
 He shoots, he scores.
 Obama also talked about the first lady’s healthy eating habits and confessed that she was putting boxes of raisins and fruit in trick-or-treaters Halloween bags. He suggested she might want to start putting candy in the bags or “the White House is going to get egged.”
 While on the subject of food, Obama talked about getting take out from Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and how he was eating wings with hot sauce in the presidential limo on his way to his next speaking gig.
 One could only imagine how humorless Fox News would handle that one: “Obama pigs out in back seat of presidential limo, getting hot sauce all over the vehicle. Who will pay for cleaning up the mess in the plush interior? You will, America.”
   Obama had his moments on the late night talk show. But what was the conversation like between the two while the commercials were airing? Maybe it went something like this:
       “When do I do my Top Ten List?”
       “I’m here because the rumor is you might be leaving “The Tonight Show” in 2013. Where do I audition? I might need the gig.”
       “I used to think Barack was a stupid name for someone who wants to be president, until I heard the name Newt.”
       “Hillary is such a great secretary of state, I predict that in years to come, one of her pantsuits will be in the Smithsonian.”
       “If I came up with the 9-9-9 plan, Fox News would pronounce it ‘Nein! Nein! Nein!’ “
       “I’ll take you at your word that it was just a coincidence that you originally booked Hank Williams Jr. as the musical act to follow men?”
       “For the holidays, we’re not sending Christmas cards, we’re mailing Xerox copies of my birth certificate.”
       “Rick Perry is a big proponent of guns, but I bet he still won’t go hunting with Cheney.”
       “Mitt Romney can answer the 3 a.m. phone call. I hear he sleeps hanging upside down with his eyes open.”

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