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The 99ers

     The 99ers occupying Wall Street are being vilified by Fox News, conservative Republicans, right wing-nuts and the overlord of them all, America’s Bully, Rush Limbaugh.      So you know the 99ers must be doing something right. Or at least exercising … Continue reading



    The Republican Party has had so much success saying no to President Obama, they’re now saying no to each other.  On Tuesday, Chris Christie said no to seeking the presidential nomination in 2012.  On Wednesday, Sarah Palin said, nah-ah.  … Continue reading

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The great white nope

       Another shooting star in the galaxy that is the Republican Party presidential field for 2012 has dimmed the hopes of many wealthy campaign contributors.   New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made it official on Tuesday: he will not run for … Continue reading


Sports and recreation

      ESPN was ready to air some football Monday night, but not Hank Williams Jr.’s signature theme musical intro “Are you ready for some football?”   The sports network sacked the opening theme for at least one night because of what … Continue reading

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On Wall Street

          Talk about taking your country back.    Young people are in their third week of operation “Occupy Wall Street.” They’re protesting the rich getting richer and the poor getting punk’d.   The white collar criminals on Wall Street aren’t the … Continue reading