Stuck on a tarmac with the JetBlue blues again

     Being stuck on a tarmac for seven hours in a JetBlue airliner —- or any airliner for that matter —- has to be pretty close to actually knowing what hell on earth is really like.
 Packed like sardines in a tin can with people you don’t know, let alone would want to be seen with in public.
 Add to that no food, water or use of the toilets. Yet the passengers endured. That would’ve been a different story had their cellphone privileges been denied them. They would’ve stormed the emergency exit and burst through en masse.
 Now each passenger is going to sue JetBlue for $27,000. Maybe the airliner could avoid that fiasco by offering each passenger 7 hours of free flying. But not in first class. They’re not that crazy.
 Things that may have been said or at least have been on the minds of the passengers stuck on the tarmac in a JetBlue for seven hours:
   1. “A Kardashian marriage didn’t last this long.”
   2. “This isn’t so bad, especially if you’ve ever spent time in Cleveland.”
   3. “I shouldn’t have had that second burrito.”
   4. “Just our luck, the only movie on this flight is a Kathryn Heigl rom-com.”
   5. “They must be deliberately trying to torture us. The only music we can get on the headsets is Yoko Ono’s greatest hits.”
   6. “I’ve been on this plane so long I was gonna hit on the stewardess, until she told me she flew with Lindbergh.”
   7. “Damn, I would forget to pack the Preparation H.”
   8. “The guy sitting next to me is an idiot, he just said ‘this flight is so smooth, it’s like we never left the ground.’ “
   9. “How long before this thing turns into a 21st century Donner Party?”
   10. “That’s not a baby crying. It’s the pilot.”

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