It’s a GOP man’s world

     Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich had a two-man debate that was supposed to remind everyone of the Lincoln-Douglas debates of yore.
   It could’ve been called the Two Guys Who Will Never Get The Republican Nomination for President Debate.
   Forget that LSU-Alabama battle of the #1 and #2 ranked teams in college football, you could’ve listened to Newt say President Obama is destroying America, wants shariah law taught in grade schools and if he gets a second term will push for a constitutional amendment to make Hitler’s birthday a national holiday.
   The two man bland debate.
   Not to be outdone, Mitt Romney is going to debate himself on a myriad of issues he takes both sides on.
   Cain’s sexual harassment troubles were off limits at the two-guys debate. Where’s the fun in that?
   Of course, Newt doesn’t have a good track record with women either. And buying all that bling for the current Mrs. Newt doesn’t cut it. He’ll never be in the same league as Kobe Bryant in that department.
   What is it with the GOP and women’s rights? They want to repeal Roe v. Wade, dismantle Planned Parenthood, and now they want to outlaw methods of birth control.
   Republicans preach getting government off our backs. But government isn’t the problem when it comes to women’s reproductive organs. It’s all those loose women with no family values who are to blame.
   Now they can add sexual harassment to the list of the weaker sex complaint list the GOP will put asunder.
   Cain has had to fend off the media sharks for a week now concerning the sexual harassment allegations.
   But the latest poll shows that 53 percent of Republicans don’t think that will write his political obituary.
   The right-wing nuts successfully made Cain the victim. And leading the pack of wild hyenas was America’s Bully, Rush Limbaugh, who also has a history of treating women like second-class citizens, especially those who champion progressive causes.
   But things might change with the latest accusations facing Cain. A woman came forward at a press conference on Monday, with celebrity lawyer Gloria All-dred at her side, and gave graphic details of Cain’s lurid sexual advances on her back in 1997.
   Too bad for Gloria and her client/victim and her 30-second sound bite of fame. It was the second most covered story of the day, behind Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, being convicted of involuntary manslaughter.
   The two will have to wait until Tuesday to be the top story of the day on cable news networks, and Fox News, which will be in full metal jacket dragging the woman’s reputation through the mud.
   Before the fourth woman came forward Monday to accuse Cain of being able of unwanted sexual hijinx, the GOP presidential contender wouldn’t answer any questions about his alleged women problems.
   In an attempt to brush aside any further questions, Cain actually told one reporter to check his “journalistic code of ethics.” Obviously the Bible of Fox News.
   What is the “journalistic code of ethics” and can you find it online, you might ask.
   There’s no such thing, but if there was one in this day and age of broadcast news, the only song you would need on your play list is Don Henly’s “Dirty Laundry.”
   And these steps should be followed:
    1. Learn how to smell blood in the water. It’s you most powerful sense.
    2. Anybody who suddenly becomes the frontrunner must immediately be taken down a notch or two. Mainly because you didn’t anticipate their meteoric rise.
    3. Politicians with thin skin must always be badgered.
    4. Worship the got-ya question. Your reputation for asking them will get you on the enemies lists of the most powerful.
    5. All politicians who run as devout Christians and promote family values have skeletons in their closet and must be exposed as hypocrites.
       Finally, never forget that liberals make the worst copy because they always cave.
       Conservatives are more copy worthy because they’re insane.
       Even Herman and Newt might agree that that’s not up for debate.

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