Bill O’Reilly’s factual errors

     “Killing Lincoln,” the book Bill O’Reilly of the Fox News Fear Factor Follies co-authored, is being panned by anyone and everyone who knows and understands American history.
  Critics and historians are saying O’Reilly’s book is riddled with errors. Some have stopped counting the number of mistakes in facts.
  This is unfair. More than that, it’s an outrage.
  Baba O’Reilly works for Fox News. They never deal in facts. So give him a break. He’s not in unfamiliar territory here, like some modern day Jerry Lewis and Dick Clark.
  Many of the blunders Baba made in the book have already been documented (he had Abe working in the Oval Office, which wasn’t constructed until the presidency of William Howard Taft about 100 years ago.)
  Still, they didn’t catch all the factual errors in O’Reilly’s tome. Here are a few they glossed over:
  1. After learning on his deathbed that John Wilkes Booth was his assassin, Lincoln was heard to say, “Well, at least an actor will never be president.”
  2. Lincoln was the first president to wear sneakers.
  3. Lincoln was born in Kenya and forged his birth certificate.
  4. The E. in Robert E. Lee stood for Ethel.
  5. The first line of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address “Four score and seven years ago” was originally “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….”
  6. The Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery, Lincoln invaded Dixie because intelligence convinced him that the South possessed muskets of mass destruction.
  7. Whenever Abe listed talking points that came in threes and were delivered to make a point, he would always draw a blank on the third one and try to gloss over his brain freeze by saying “oopsey daisy.”
  8. On his deathbed, Lincoln said the last time he felt this awful was when he accidentally saw Ulysses S. Grant naked.
  9. The only music on Abe’s iPod was Pearl Jam.
  10. A lot is known about Lincoln’s boy Tad, but not much has been documented about his idiot son, Abraham W. Lincoln.

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