The witch … the witch is back.
    Christine “I’m not a witch” O’Donnell left her coven long enough to endorse Mitt Romney for president.
    When asked about his penchant for flip-flopping, she said —- wait for it —- “he’s been consistent since he changed his mind.”
    The guy fired from Newt Gingrich’s staff in Iowa for bad-mouthing Mormonism must be thinking O’Donnell’s endorsement of Romney made sense because they’re both familiar with cults.
     For his part, Romney embraced the endorsement. Maybe it’s to prove Time magazine wrong that somebody likes him in the Republican Party.
    O’Donnell is a serial losing candidate for Senate in Delaware and was an embarrassment to the GOP — and witches everywhere — with her disasterous campaign in 2010.
    Maybe Mitt can pick her as a running mate. Their campaign slogan can be “rich and witch.”
    Romney needs some kind of magic to break that 23 percent favorability rating in the early primary states.
    Maybe O’Donnelll can cast some sort of a spell over the electorate for the candidate of her choice. That’ll be $10,000 a spell, Mitt.
    Ironic her endorsement of Romney. One would think she’d go for Gingrich, what with the witches in “Macbeth” and their bubbling calderon with “eye of newt.”
    Imagine if “I’m not a witch. I’m you” endorsed President Obama. Conservative talk radio would call her a threat to Nancy Pelosi and accuse her of practicing voodoo to get the president re-elected.
      It’s hard out there for a Mormon —- or any guy or gal who isn’t Protestant and wants to win the presidency.
      We had only one Roman Catholic president in JFK, and he had to steal the election from Tricky Dicky in 1960 to win the White House. And look what happened to him.
      God not only loves Republicans, he loves Protestants.
      God also loves football. He lets football teams win when players praise be to him on high before, during and after the games.
      His latest archangel is Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who has had three consecutive come-from-behind wins. “Miracles” is the word some sportscasters toss about ever so loosely.
      Tebow’s latest “miracle” finish was Sunday against the Chicago Bears —- the favorite NFL team of the antichrist currently occupying our White House.
      God turned his attention to the NFL in recent years. He lost faith in Notre Dame football because of all those Catholic priest sexual abuse scandals. There’s that word Catholic again.
      So God is making Tebow’s team win because the QB —- and now some of his teammate disciples —- keep the faith.
      How long before the GOP —- with help from the hypocrites at Fox News —- claim Tebow as one of their own? If they can get their lemmings to accept a witch, imagine what they can get away with having Tebow on their team.
      Tebow, the former Florida Gator and Heisman Trophy winner, also made news during his collegiate career by incorporating Bible psalm numbers underneath his eyes in eyeblack.
      What should political celebrities wear in eyeblack? Well….
      1. President Obama: One Term
      2. Rick Perry: Mind Meld
      3. Newt Gingrich: Nothing Newt
      4. Michele Bachmann: Fruity Pebbles
      5. Jeb Bush: Draft Me
      6. Ron Paul: Wake Me
      7. Bill Clinton: Bubba Licious
      8. Donald Trump: Hair of   the Dog
      9. Mitt Romney: Before Against
      10: Sean Hannity: Stu Pedaso

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    buenos dias acabo de enterarme de tu blog y la verdad es que me parece genial no sabia de mas personas interesadas en estos temas, aqui tienes un nuevo lector que seguira visitandote abitualmente.

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