Jingles all the way, Part 2

          More unconventional Christmas caroling:

         “Joy to the world, Mitt Romney is here
         Let America receive its Lyin’ King.
         He’ll tell you what you want to hear.
         He’ll flip-flop any day of the year.
         This dapper Republican gent
         lives among the top one percent
         anti-Mitts came and went
         isn’t he president yet?”


         “I saw Rick Santorum kissing Herman Cain
         backstage at a Republican debate.
         It was an innocent peck on the cheek
         but it could lead to something unique.
         Together they could redefine the word mandate.
         I saw Rick Santorum making eyes at Jon Huntsman
         during a debate commercial break.
         It was a “hope nobody saw that glance” 
         So no rumors, please, of a budding gay romance.
till, his pet name for Rick Perry is ‘beefcake.’ “

“I’m dreaming of a Bachmann White House
           with every mis-statement of facts she makes.
           So history is not her strong suit —-
           she’s spunky, right wing-nut and cute —-
           and tough enough to do whatever it takes.
           I’m dreaming of a Bachmann White house
           she’ll repeal Obamacare and invade Iran.
           It’s a running joke her hubby as First Man.
           No one could lead us in the Rapture like she can.”

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