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Speaking of 2011

   Once again this year, the USA Today-Gallup Poll declared President Obama the most admired American man and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the most admired woman.  George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, and Oprah and the first lady … Continue reading

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2011 sing-a-long

             There’s never been a year like 2011.        And there are probably a lot of people out there who hope there never will be again.        Still, many news events made 2011 interesting to satirize and criticize, and on that rare … Continue reading


Christmas present

     They’re all gone now.   The elders you remember visiting or paying your family a visit over the holidays.   Mothers are gone, too. Moms who made sure their bundles of joy were bundled up before they went outside to play … Continue reading


Jingles all the way, Part 2

          More unconventional Christmas caroling:             “Joy to the world, Mitt Romney is here         Let America receive its Lyin’ King.         He’ll tell you what you want to hear.         He’ll flip-flop any day of the year.         This dapper Republican gent         lives … Continue reading

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Jingles all the way

     Christmas carols done political style:      “It’s beginning to look a lot like one term   with every poll you read.   Obama is a nice guy,   but in 2012 we’ll say goodbye —-   he caves in when he should … Continue reading



     The witch … the witch is back.    Christine “I’m not a witch” O’Donnell left her coven long enough to endorse Mitt Romney for president.    When asked about his penchant for flip-flopping, she said —- wait for it —- “he’s … Continue reading

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Welcome home

    President Obama officially welcomed home the troops serving in Iraq on Wednesday in a rousing speech to Marines at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It should have been a unifying day, but of course anything Obama accomplishes is greeted with disdain … Continue reading


The wager

    Whereas Rick Perry is a carbon copy dunderhead of George W. Bush, Mitt Romney channeled George Herbert Walker Bush.  It happened at the upteenth Republican presidential debate when Mitt matter-of-factly  dared Perry to bet $10,000 that he was wrong … Continue reading


Not of this Earth

    Scientists recently discovered a planet similar in many ways to Earth, but it’s 600 light years away in another solar system.   NASA says the planet, named Kepler 22b, could support life and vegetation.   They’re calling it Super Earth. Apparently … Continue reading


Goyum grasping for gravitas

    The Republican presidential candidates courted votes on Wednesday at the Republican Jewish Forum.  Oy gevalt!  The usual ‘I will defend Israel’ and ‘Obama is an appeaser’ spiel was spewed by the GOPeabrains.  It was the usual suspects picking on … Continue reading