True Mitt

       The wrath of Newt is upon you, Mitt Romney.
    He’s had it with your “pius baloney” (his own words.)
    The seven words you’ll live to regret —- “I like being able to fire people” —- solidifies the fact that you’re ruthless. A heartless corporate raider (are there any other kind?) The lead role in the upcoming movie based on true facts “The Pink-slip Panther.”
    But Mitt told a crowd in New Hampshire on Monday that he knows what it’s like to be worried about losing his job. About getting “pink-slipped.”
    As my old dad used to say when he didn’t believe what someone was telling him: “Are you for real?”
    People without money (and we know who we are) always dream about somehow becoming rich and famous. The old rags to riches theory.
    Hard to believe, Mitt, that people born into wealth have at anytime fantasized about what it would be like to struggle to make ends meet.
    Mitt’s the same guy who said “corporations are people, too” and casually wanted to bet Rick Perry $10,000 about some fact during one of the GOP debates.
    The problem with Mitt Ruthless —- besides his penchant for lying through his teeth and his compulsive flip-flopping — is that he doesn’t wear well. Like many have said about him: the more you see of Mitt Romney, the more you don’t like him.
    Romney is the John Kerry of the Republican Party this election cycle.
    Romney’s time as CEO of Bain Capital as job killer is finally catching up to him. His rivals for the GOP nod are piling on him like so  many stacks of $1,000 bills he still gets for essentially shipping good American jobs overseas, dishing out pink slips like they were campaign buttons, all the while pocketing the cash for himself and his fat cat cronies.
    Someone should write a song about his time at Bain. What? Someone has? Well, whattaya know. So, sung to the tune of the great Carly Simon’s “You’re so Vain,” the world premiere of “You’re so Bain.” And it goes something like this:
          “You walked in to our company
          like you were someone important to meet.
          Your hair slicked back Gordon Gekko-like
          You pulled the rug out from under our feet.
          You made millions of dollars for yourself
          while making our new home the street.
          Now you expect us to get out the vote for you
          get out the vote for you….
          You’re so Bain
          you probably think this election’s about you.
          You’re so Bain
          you probably think this election’s about you
          don’t you? don’t you?

          “Well, you talk like you worked hard all your life
           but you’re speaking through a silver spoon.
           We’re at work at the crack of dawn
           while you sleep in until noon.
           You’re where you wanted to be all your life
           at last, the presidency is your heirloom
           new drapes for the Lincoln bedroom,
           the Lincoln bedroom …. and,
           You’re so Bain
           you probably think this election’s about you.
           You’re so Bain
           you probably think this election’s about you…
           don’t you? don’t you?”

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  1. Could you propose Movers in Anderlecht?

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