The George Clooney political thriller “The Ides of March” may win the Golden Globe this weekend, but when it comes to political theater of the absurd, nothing beats the real thing.
   Now playing this week all over South Carolina, the campaign documentary produced by Newt Gingrich’s super PAC: 30-minutes of slamming Mitt Romney’s ruthless reign as CEO of Bain Capital.
   The tele-film is complete with real-life victims who lost their jobs and livlihood “when Mitt Romney came to town” —- as the menacing voice-over says.
   But like all movies, the film has its harsh critics, and the Newtster is getting blow-back from pols from his own party. The audience for the lengthy political ad will be short-lived because the word has come down from on high (on oxycontin) from America’s Bully, Rush Limbaugh.
   Newt’s super PAC should have called the movie “The Bain Mutiny” because he’s being treated as a mutineer on the good ship USS Ronald Reagan.
   He should be court-martialed for breaking the GOP 11th commandment and conspiring with the enemy, the Muslim Kenyan socialist in our White House, who are both out to defeat the presumptive master and commander of the America’s Cup.
   And the man who would be Mister Roberts but is more like Captain Queeg has a co-conspirator. That would be Ensign Oops Perry, but not many would even follow him to the chow hall.
   The Bully has ordered smooth sailing from here on in and thy shall have no mutineers willing to torpedo this Ship of Fools before him.
   Their candidacies are going to be deep-sixed soon enough, so stop with the Mitt-picking.
   Let’s have all hands on deck.
   Pay no attention to those vultures circling overhead.
   They’re just venture capitalists.
   Watch your carcass, America…..

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