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Moon over Cayman Islands

     Bang! Zoom! To the moon, Alice!   Ralph Kramden, the hapless bus driver made indelible by “The Great One” Jackie Gleason on the classic TV sitcom “The Honeymooners” always said that to his long-suffering wife Alice when she made his … Continue reading


Oscar politics

    President Obama gave his State of the Union address, Mitt Romney released his tax returns and the Oscar nominations were announced, all on Tuesday.   All were highly anticipated and all didn’t meet the expectations of pol pundits, movie critics … Continue reading


Mewtt Gingney

     The Republican Presidential Primary is no longer stuck in Newt-ral. In fact, it’s in overdrive now that Newt Gingrich wiped the smirk off Mitt Romney’s face in the South Carolina Primary over the weekend.    The Romney camp is in … Continue reading


Of Mouse and Men

      President Obama, you just rejected the construction of the Keystone pipeline that could mean thousands of jobs. What are you going to do now?  “I’m going to Disney World!”  Obama spoke Thursday at Disney’s Magic Kingdom because a speech … Continue reading


Whistlin’ Dixie

       They actually booed the golden rule.    The manner in which the audience conducted itself Monday night at the Republican presidential debate in South Carolina proves that the state should go ahead and secede from the Union again.   Let history … Continue reading

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Jonny, we hardly knew you

      Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman bowed out of the Republican presidential sweepstakes on Monday.   The fact that he was getting as much traction after placing third in the New Hampshire Primary as a Ford Pinto stuck in quicksand may … Continue reading

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    The George Clooney political thriller “The Ides of March” may win the Golden Globe this weekend, but when it comes to political theater of the absurd, nothing beats the real thing.   Now playing this week all over South Carolina, … Continue reading

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Role playing

   Slowly but surely, the conservative wing of the Republican Party is starting to warm up to Mitt Romney.The reason for the sudden epiphany can be traced back to just a few days ago when Romney snarked the line “I … Continue reading


True Mitt

       The wrath of Newt is upon you, Mitt Romney.    He’s had it with your “pius baloney” (his own words.)    The seven words you’ll live to regret —- “I like being able to fire people” —- solidifies the fact that … Continue reading

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Attack of the Blah People

   Just when you thought all of the beyond the fringe candidates like Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann were gone from the race for the Republican presidential nomination, you would be wrong, Goldwater breath.   Rick Santorum has picked up the … Continue reading