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Money over moxy

    A Republican rumble was expected in Tuesday’s Michigan Primary.  Of course Republican and rumble are a contradiction in terms ever since Saint Ronald Reagan put forth his 11th Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Say Anything Bad About Another Republican.  Not … Continue reading

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French Mime in Prime Time

    Did Oscar get it wrong again Sunday night?By picking “The Artist” as best picture, it at best reminds the rest of us that the movie industry resides in the world of narcissism.The Oscar winner is a valentine to the … Continue reading


The Devil and Barack Obama

         [Fade in. The War Room at the White Hose. Late at night.]      Narrator: The current occupant of the White House has declared war on religion.      Not all religion, mind you, just Christianity. You know, America’s true religion.      He’s specifically … Continue reading


Like The Rolling Stones

       It’s only Barack ‘n’ Roll but they don’t like it.     The Republican Party and its sounding board Fox News and its Foxholes could get a lot of “Satisfaction” criticizing President Obama and his White House of Blues on Tuesday … Continue reading


Mitt at the Movies

    It being Oscar week, all the talk should center around movies. Unless you’re a Republican presidential candidate and the talk is about how the devil is Obama and he wants to attack the United States.   Or, if you’re David … Continue reading


The presidents speak

    On President’s Day, it’s important to remember what these men stood for:   That it’s the purpose of free enterprise to use their images associated with sales on everything from mattresses to used cars.   What would some of these presidents … Continue reading


Fortunate son

    If Mitt Romney didn’t remind you of a used car salesman before, one of his latest political ads in Michigan might confirm any suspicions you may have had.    Romney is looking to steer his life in the past lane … Continue reading


CPAC is back

    One of the topics at this year’s Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) is “the failure of multiculturalism.”    In other words, this diversity thing just doesn’t hack it.    CPAC is also where Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said “Conservatives are … Continue reading


Halftime report

    Democrats and Republicans are both claiming that Clint Eastwood is trying to make their day.    Eastwood’s blunt “It’s Halftime in America” Chrysler commercial during Sunday’s Super Bowl was a tribute to the working class and the city of Detroit’s … Continue reading


Magnum Farce

  You had to see this one coming down Broadway in an out-of-control Ford Bronco: The Republican National Committee chairman  compared President Obama to that captain of the Italian cruise-liner who abandoned ship and ultimately let passengers die.   The chairman, … Continue reading

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