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‘Hoodies’ and heath care

      The pope wore a sombrero in Mexico.    Tim Tebow will play for the New York Jets.    The Supreme Court is about to perform an exorcism on Obamacare.    The hand of God is at work and Rick Santorum had to … Continue reading


Metaphor for Mitt

    Mitt Romney’s birthday was a week or so ago, but it’s he or his surrogates who keep giving gifts to his competition for the Republican presidential nomination, as well as the Democrats.    From “I like firing people” to “I’m … Continue reading


Alpha male Abe

  In last year’s “X Men: First Class,” the superheroes thwarted the Cuban Missile Crisis, but President Kennedy wasn’t part of the Marvel-ous group.  Graphic novels have featured presidents like Obama and women in politics like Hillary Clinton and Sarah … Continue reading


Mutt O’Romney

   Since Mitt Romney is adept at pandering to every faction of voter out there —- like down South y’all where he enjoyed “cheesy grits” and “catfish” — his next group should be the Irish, in honor of St. Patrick’s … Continue reading


No country for old man Cheney

    While the contenders for the Republican presidential nomination were courting grits-eatin,’ catfish-catchin,’ Southern belle-lovin’ votes in Alabamy and Ole Miss, former Vice President Dick Cheney was having trouble up north. Way up north. As in the Great White North.     … Continue reading


Straight talk

     Unhinged televangelist Pat Robertson has come out in favor of legalizing marijuana. Apparently because the war on drugs has failed.   This makes sense because of the many comments in the past Robertson has made have had a lot of … Continue reading


Name that Obama movie

   President Obama’s re-election campaign is releasing a 17-minute documentary about his years in the Oval Office.    Tom Hanks is narrating the movie. Rumor has it, to make the film more mainstream there’s a scene with him as Forrest Gump, … Continue reading


Rush-ing to his defense

   Sponsors may be pulling their ads from Rush Limbaugh’s popular radio program, but America’s Bully has his supporters and apparently more advertisers are dying to get on board.     The firestorm surrounding the Bully’s sexist and libelous comments about Georgetown … Continue reading

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The Bully’s Pulpit

       America’s Bully was at it again this past week.     Rush Limbaugh was picking on women.     Specifically, women who don’t want their employers, or politicians, telling them what they can do with their bodies.     It’s not hard to believe that … Continue reading

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Hollywood or bust

          Hollywood is running out of original ideas.       This year’s Oscar winner was made by French socialists and it was about the silent era of, oh ya, Hollywood.       It makes sense that Hollywood chose “The Artist” as best picture. The … Continue reading