The Bully’s Pulpit

       America’s Bully was at it again this past week.
     Rush Limbaugh was picking on women.
     Specifically, women who don’t want their employers, or politicians, telling them what they can do with their bodies.
     It’s not hard to believe that the Bully has been married four times, three of those marriages ending in divorce.
     However, it’s more difficult to believe that four women would actually marry him.
     Guess in some cases there’s something to be said for the Stockholm Syndrome.
     It certainly works on the Republican Party —– especially the GOP presidential candidates. After all, Limbaugh is their master’s voice.
     Not one of the four stooges had the spine to speak out against his latest tirade, in which he went berserko grande over the contraception issue. The Bully specifically targeted one Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University student who spoke before a Congressional panel about the importance of contraceptives as it pertains to the overall health of women.
     Well, Rush wasn’t going to take that lying down. It made his blood boil so much he had to pop a few more oxycontins and wash it down with some Yoo-Hoo.
     This whale, this Moby Dickhead, opened his blowhole and out spurted this: He refered to Fluke as a “slut,” in essence saying she’s a prostitute because she is getting paid to have sex.
     He further stepped in his own mess he created by saying if women want to practice having sex by using contraceptives, we (apparently his band of merry dirty old men) want to see video of it.
     Wait, there’s more: The Bully said to prevent the use of contraceptives, he’d even provide the women with aspirin. You know, to put between their ankles.
     And the jellyfish who represent the GOP presidential race punted.
     Rick Santorum just brushed it off by saying that Limbaugh is an entertainer and “an entertainer can be absurd.” If anyone knows absurd, it’s Rick Santorum. Just ask the voters of Pennsylvania who voted him out of office in large numbers. There soon may come a day when you will be able to Google the word absurd, and a photo of a weasel in a sweater-vest will pop up.
     Mitt Romney wussed-out by saying he probably would’ve used a different word to describe Fluke’s circumstance. What good would that have done? He would’ve changed the word 25 minutes later after being scolded by Limbaugh himself and re-programmed by Fox News.
     And Newt Gingrich said … oh, who gives a fig what Newton says anymore.
     All said and done, the Bully actually apologized in writing to Fluke on Saturday.
     The Bully had a change of heart? Why the retraction?
     Could it be pressure from the Republican Party?
     The wife threatening to get off the pill?
     Loss of sponsorship?
     Quite possibly, as of Sunday a seventh sponsor defected from the Bully’s pulpit.
     A major league lawsuit?
     Bingo! It’s only a matter of time before celebrity lawyer Gloria All-dred takes on Fluke’s case.
     More than anything, the Bully likes his money. And he can never have enough.
     It would take more than sponsors leaving his radio show to silence the Bully.
     There are millions of followers who wait with baited breath on his every word.
     They made him a very rich man.
     As if each devotee personally gave him money to pocket to buy jet planes and land in Florida.


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