Rush-ing to his defense

   Sponsors may be pulling their ads from Rush Limbaugh’s popular radio program, but America’s Bully has his supporters and apparently more advertisers are dying to get on board.
     The firestorm surrounding the Bully’s sexist and libelous comments about Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke and how women in general are responding in their justified hell hath no fury voices and actions is far from being contained.
     The usual suspects have come to the Bully’s defense: Princess Photo-Op Palin and other Foxholes like Bill O’Reilly —- who actually is convincing the simple minds that it was an Obama conspiracy to use Fluke to get the Bully to eventually burn a few more brain cells  and let loose his tirade.
     Right. Sandra Fluke, Georgetown law student was  moonlighting as a femme fatale.
     Of course, those are not the words that Mitt Romney would’ve used to describe her.
     But an out of the blue supporter of the Bully’s is none other than comedian Bill Maher, who is about as liberal as you can get without a prescription. Maher opposes sponsors pulling their ads from the conservative poo-bah’s radio program and said liberals should stop whining because the Bully did apologize. Never mind the apology was for using the word “slut,” not for wanting to see YouTube videos of Fluke having sex if we’re going to have to pay for her using any and all kinds of contraception.
     In any event, as usually is in these cases, the subject matter can be turned into song lyrics. So, sung to the tune “American Woman”  by The Guess Who, here’s the premiere of the lyrics to “America’s Bully”:
           “America’s Bully, we listen ev’ryday
           America’s Bully, you’re the word and the way.
           Radical president not legitimized
           Congress wisely won’t compromise.
           It’s time to give Romney his due.
           He’s a dupe and scared to death of you.
           Now Bully, we wait on every word.
           America’s Bully,
           time to thin out the herd.
           Go now, go away sponsors, gotta go, go, go.
           Gonna leave you, Bully.
           Gonna leave you, Bully.
           Bye, bye. Bye, bye.
           Goodbye, America’s Bully.
           Goodbye, American _______ *
           Bye, bye. Bye, bye….”

        *fill in blank with word of your choice.

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