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Not your average Joe

         Oy! Say it ain’t so, Joe.    Granted, Vice President Joe Biden is a human gaffe machine. But his speech late last week praising his boss for saving the world contained not only the worst quote of the week, but … Continue reading


Repeat offenders

    The Republican party and its chief weasel Karl Rove are at it again, resurrecting the past.    Appropriate, since they’re hell bent on bringing America back to the good old days. Whenever they were.  One of the oldies Rove … Continue reading


Fantasy football

    Los Angeles almost got an NFL team. The lowly Minnesota Vikings looked like they might move to La La Land.  Or as Fox news calls it, Gomorrah.  Seems fair, it was The Minnesota Lakers professional basketball team that moved … Continue reading


Hip-hop vs. Flip-flop

    It’s court the youth vote week on the campaign trail, with the primary focus zeroed in on the student loan debt crisis.   President Obama spoke on college campuses in North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa about the suddenly hot topic … Continue reading



  One-time pseudo-famous rocker Ted Nugent ranted that he’d either be dead or in jail this time next year if President Obama is re-elected.  Oh good, we have a choice —– even though it’s a win-win situation.  The self-proclaimed Motor … Continue reading


A fish out of water

 The Romney campaign would have you believe all that was missing was an orchestra performing Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man.” But that’s not the impression the visuals gave when Mitt “Man of the People” Romney had a staged … Continue reading


Deconstructing Cheney

    So much for a change of heart.  Former Vice President Dick Cheney, fresh from his upteenth heart transplant, continued his disdain for Americans who don’t agree with him. He was the same old Dick in his first public appearance … Continue reading


The feminist elite

      CNN pundit Hilary Rosen’s swipe at Ann Romney not being credible to talk about what economic issues women are talking about because Mrs. Mitt “never worked a day in her life” was a ridiculous and stupid comment.    Rosen thought … Continue reading



   “Annie get your gun. We’re going to an NRA convention,” Mitt Romney could be telling the little woman today.     Gordon Gekko is going to speak at one on Friday.     You can almost hear the shape-shifter now: “I like guns. … Continue reading


Fearmongering and loathing on the campaign trail

     The Fox News-Karl Rove-Mitt Romney agenda of scaring the frightened ones is already in general election mode.    “Be afraid. Be very afraid” was the promo for the 1980s remake of “The Fly.” But the same thing can be used by … Continue reading