Colony didn’t fake the fans

My colleague, Clay Fowler and I heard a variety of things while in the press box at the Moreno Valley-Colony game on Saturday. What we heard from a group of Moreno Valley fans ranged from whining to rude to unsportsmanlike.

So when Colony lined up to punt on fourth down at the Moreno Valley 36 with a 22-14 lead late in the fourth quarter we scoffed when Moreno Valley fans were yelling “to watch the fake.” Everyone says to “watch the fake” regardless of where they are on the field or what point in the game it is.

To be honest, this didn’t seem like the time for a fake, but I was wrong.

The fans watched it, but their players didn’t. The play went for 31 yards to the 5. One play later, Colony had its clinching touchdown with just more than 2 minutes to play.