Call benefits Etiwanda

I was as the Etiwanda High School-Renaissance Academy boys basketball game on Wednesday. A very well-played, exciting game.

Etiwanda trailed 50-49 when with, four-tenths of a second left in regulation Etiwanda’s Jordan Finn was fouled by Hector Harold. The question was whether it was a shooting foul or not, because it was only Renaissance’s 6th team foul of the second half. I have to be honest, I don’t think Finn was shooting. Did he want to shoot? Definitely. He knew how little time was left. But was making a shooting motion to the basket? I don’t think so.

That being said, the call only put the game into overtime, and if the call hadn’t been named as a shooting foul, Etiwanda would’ve still had a slim chance to score with less than a second left. Etiwanda took advantage of the call and won the game 58-57 in overtime. A great game by two teams who have their sights set on playing into March.