Bonita-Diamond Ranch prep soccer musings

I was at the Bonita-Diamond Ranch girls soccer game on Thursday, and I had some thoughts. …

–If in fact Bonita does not win league this year, it will end a remarkable run of league championships, a run that was bound to end eventually, just like the league winning and league unbeaten streaks

–I hadn’t realized that Diamond Ranch coach Victoria Hentges and Bonita coach Brad Page are both alumni of the schools they coach. Although there’s nothing wrong with going elsewhere, there’s something nice about the thought of the alma mater having enough meaning that they want to go back there to coach. Of course, I’m 3,000 miles away from my high school alma mater.

–Glenn Davis Stadium needs a press box. This dawned on me as I stood in chilly, rainy conditions. Although I might have stayed on the field anyway, it seems that a stadium with an all-weather track and new artificial turf should have a press box. If you haven’t been there before, the “press box” provides the same protection from water that audiences get in the front row of Shamu’s Sea World show –none