Domination in North Fontana

I hadn’t  seen the Summit High School girls basketball team until Thursday night, a 61-13 win over an overmatched San Dimas team in the opening round of the Division III-AA playoffs. I have seen Miller’s girls basketball team, which is definitely the best in the area at this point.

It is amazing how good those two North Fontana schools are in girls basketball. Until Summit opened in 2006, those students would likely have gone to Miller. How scary good would Miller’s basketball team be if it had some of Summit’s best players? There might not be enough balls to go around, but it would be fun to watch. Summit has more size and Miller has more speed and guard play, so together it would be a more complete team.

Summit did not play a difficult schedule, coach Alexis Onishi will freely admit. But I have a hard time believing that the SkyHawks are only the fourth-best team in III-AA, as they are seeded.