Quakes won’t be sad if UCLA loses

You have to figure that there are quite a few people in the Quakes front office who wouldn’t mind if UCLA doesn’t make the national championship game in college basketball.

You see, the Quakes had the bad luck of having their home opener on April 7, a Monday. Mondays are typically very bad for Cal League attendance, but the Quakes took a Monday home opener in exchange for more Friday and Saturday home games throughout the season (24 Friday and Saturday home games as opposed to 20 on the road for those days). Fridays and Saturdays are the best attendance days in the league.

So why do the Quakes care about UCLA? The national championship game is that April 7, and you can bet that many UCLA alumni would choose to stay home and watch the game rather than go to the Quakes game, if UCLA is playing for the title. A rousing opening night in attendance gets the season off to a much better start than a half-empty stadium, regardless of how many tickets are sold.