Overboard for Jake Peavy

The California League season opens this Thursday, April 3, and as usual there are plenty of festivities.

The Quakes open their season at The Diamond in Lake Elsinore against the Storm, and the Storm is understandably honoring Jake Peavy.

Peavy, who went 7-5 with a 3.08 ERA for the Storm in 2001, won the National League Cy Young Award last year. So he’ll be on hand at The Diamond to throw out the first pitch (the Padres play a day game at home that day). His number 22 will be retired as well. But not before one final stunt by the team.

You might remember the Dodgers honoring Jackie Robinson with every player wearing No. 42 jerseys in a game last season. The Storm liked it so much, all the players are supposed to be wearing No. 22 Peavy jerseys for Thursday’s game.

I have a problem with that. The Jackie Robinson tribute was special, one to honor someone who meant so much to the game of baseball. When you do a stunt like having everyone wear the same jersey, it had better be for a good reason. The 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier is a good reason. I think a few other players on other teams got permission to do that as well, which was pretty cool.

Doing it for Jake Peavy, to me, belittles the Jackie Robinson tribute. Retire Peavy’s number, fine. Have everyone wear No. 22 Peavy jerseys? Ridiculous.

As a follow-up, the Reds on opening day did something similar for Joe Nuxhall (they wore the jerseys before the game, but didn’t during the game except for the startng pitcher) Nuxhall was a former Reds pitcher and broadcaster who was legendary in Cncinnati, but whom passed away in the offseason. I think it was a fitting tribute for Nuxhall, so I don’t have a problem with that either.

  • Lewis

    I agree Pete; I’m all for honoring our sporting heroes. They are part of the American experience and a source of American pride for the most part. In the era of steroid use in the MLB, honoring the heroes of the past is a great way to honor America’s pass-time, when it truly was for the love of the sport…Good call, Pete.

  • Freddy Fan

    Yes, Mr. Marshall, you are absolutely correct. Jake Peavy won the Cy Young once. Doesn’t the Storm know that there is an individual that won the award 5 times that is currently under suspicion of having cheated. Most halls of fame in sports have waiting rules to ensure that the athletes are truly “worthy” before being inducted. Let’s see where Peavey’s entire career goes before giving him Jackie Robinson type honors.