66ers make the right call

It’s the position the official scorer dreads. The 66ers were throwing a no-hitter in the ninth inning on Saturday, when Maverick infielder Carlos Triunfel hit a rocket to the backhand side of Sixers first baseman Eduardo Perez with one out in the ninth inning. It deflected off the heel of his glove and bounced into center field.

Official scorer Ross French immediately flashed hit on the scoreboard. It was met with boos, but it was the right call.

De Jon Watson, the Dodgers assistant general manager for player development, who was in town watching the game, asked Sixers officials to change the call. They didn’t. Of course it’s difficult and looks shady to change a call after a game, so suddenly it’s a no-hitter. But if it was the wrong call, it should have been changed.

It was not the wrong call. It would’ve taken extraordinary effort for Perez to make the play. As French said, “no one wanted to see a no-hitter more than me.” But he made the right call and it was good to see the Sixers front office didn’t succumb to the pressure. I didn’t think they would.


  • SoCalCat

    Atta boy, Ross! The Dean of Sixers scorers makes the right call. And kudos to you , Pete, on the stand-up reportage!