Quakes’ uniform seniority

It was interesting to watch what transpired when John Lackey came to the Quakes for a rehabilitation assignment earlier this week.

First of all, Lackey wears No. 41 with the Angels, but was wearing No. 39 for the Quakes instead because catcher Alberto Rosario is wearing No. 41. Sometimes, a player will give up his uniform for the major leaguer of his own volition or in some sort of a trade.

“I don’t know if his uniform would’ve fit me anyway,” Lackey said. “So I’m fine with 39.”

Lackey is listed at 6-foot-6, 245 pounds, while Rosario is 6-foot, 165.

It was interesting to notice that Lackey’s name was on the back of the uniform for his first Quakes start on Thursday. However, outfielder Rian Kiniry, who joined the Quakes more than a week ago while they were on the road, was still waiting for his name on the back of his home jersey. Certainly, Kiniry has been in uniform every day, but it still shows who is the most important when a big-leaguer comes to town.