Lake Elsinore the team to beat in Cal League South Division

I’ve felt this way for the last few weeks, through by posting this entry today, it might look like I’m jumping on the bandwagon late.

It’s been a tight, but not very good race in the California League’s South Division for the first half title. However, I think Lake Elsinore is the team to beat. Yes, the Storm is leading the division by two games as I write this, but I think the Storm is the least inconsistent of the South Division’s contenders. It’s hard to call a team that’s 28-29 consistent, but they maintained at least a share of the lead for about a month before briefly falling out about a week ago.

As for the second half, that’s anyone’s guess. There will be a lot of player movement between now and the end of the season, shifting the balance of power. So while I think the Storm will win the South Division first half title, any one of the five teams could be the strongest come September.