Name Saeger’s baby

If you’re a long-time 66ers fan, you know Mike Saeger. He’s been the voice of the San Bernardino Spirit/Stampede/Inland Empire 66ers since 1995.

He’s an institution for 66ers baseball, so much so that a Saeger card was included in the all-time San Bernardino card set that was given away on Saturday night at Arrowhead Credit Union Park.

Saeger’s wife J’leen is pregnant with the couple’s first baby. Like her husband, J’leen is a baseball fan. They are considering a baseball-themed name, after Mike vetoed the idea of naming the baby Saeger Saeger.

So far, the baseball names J’leen likes are names of stadiums: Shea, Ebbets, Camden and Wrigley. Mike, a life-long Dodger fan, doesn’t like two of those, but I won’t say which ones.

We want to hear your input on those names or your own nominations, either posted to this blog or e-mailed to me at They don’t have to be stadium names, but they need to be baseball names. If we get enough nominations, maybe we can have a vote.