Upland beats Los Osos in epic volleyball match

Upland’s thrilling 18-25, 25-20, 21-25, 26-24, 17-15 Baseline League volleyball victory over Los Osos was a tense battle that had several critical moments.

One came late in Game 3, when there was confusion about the score after Los Osos scored the point. The scoreboard read 22-21 Los Osos, and it was eventually changed to 23-21 Los Osos. I had on my sheet 23-20 Los Osos, for what it’s worth. If it was a mistake as I believe, I’m glad it didn’t affect the outcome of the game. Los Osos won that game anyway by winning the next two points.

Another came midway through Game 4, with the score tied 14-14. Los Osos appeared to spike the ball wide, which would have given the point to Upland. Officials ruled Upland touched it and Los Osos got the point and a 15-14 lead despite Upland coach Scott Robertson’s pleas. Upland recovered to win that game, 26-24. For the record, I didn’t think the ball was tipped. And again, if it was a mistake as I believe, I’m glad it didn’t affect the outcome of the game. Upland won that game, 26-24.

Los Osos’ first loss might not be the worst thing in the world. It’s a lot of pressure to go into the playoffs undefeated and now some of that pressure is off. But Los Osos coach Cindy McGraa is right. There are good losses, but this wasn’t one of them. Leading 14-11 in the fifth, Los Osos had four match points but couldn’t get it done.

I am very conscious of supersititions, especially my own. I usually sit to one side of the scorer’s table at a volleyball match, because that’s a better angle than even with the net where not only the net but the official can block your view. It so happened that on Tuesday, I was seated at the North end of the scorer’s table. That’s where the Los Osos bench was for Games 1, 3 and 5, and Upland was for Games 2 and 4. If you look at the scores at the top, you’ll know the winning team was sitting by me for each of the first four games.

Not wanting to affect the outcome, I moved my spot to even with the net for Game 5, so I wouldn’t impact the outcome. Hopefully, I didn’t.

Questions abound for Los Osos-Upland

Fans in the area are eagerly awaiting the upcoming Los Osos-Upland game. CIF rankings, league title and playoff seeds could be at stake.

The football game? Well, that’s a pretty good one, too and plenty worthy of being shown on FSN Prime Ticket on Friday from Los Osos.

But I was actually thinking about the volleyball match, at Upland on Tuesday, scheduled for approximately 5:30. It has at least as many questions as the football game, especially after Los Osos snapped Upland’s seven-year league win streak the first time they played this year with a convincing sweep.

Before the first match, I said, ‘I won’t believe Upland will lose in league until they do it.” Now they’ve lost, raising plenty of questions. Is Los Osos as good as they looked in that match? Can the Grizzlies sweep Upland and go undefeated in league? How does Upland respond after losing? Is pressure off the team, or is there even more?

There are a lot of questions and hopefully there will be a few answers on Tuesday.