Call Dave Smith “The Matchmaker”

Los Osos boys basketball coach Dave Smith has been organizing his “I Have a Dream Classic” for I believe six years now, a one-day Martin Luther King Jr. Day basketball event hosted by Los Osos on Monday.

Generally, as is the case with other one-day events, teams sign up to be in the event before the season and then are matched up with each other based on how their season is going.

Sometimes, those matchups are great. Sometimes, they’re duds. But after Monday, we can call Smith “The Matchmaker.”

Let’s look at the final four scores (out of seven games) of the event:

Miller 69, Diamond Bar 63

Chino Hills 77, Temecula Great Oak 74

Los Osos 66, Twentynine Palms 65

Los Alamitos 58, Etiwanda 57

If you’re math-challenged, that’s a total margin of 11 points in four games, and two for the final two games. There was a big blowout earlier in the day (Glendora 75, Colton 35), but that apparently due in part to a cancellation by Glendora’s original opponent.

I’d have to say Smith created some compelling matchups, including challenging his own team with a very talented small school. Not a bad way to keep an event going.