And the winning baseball name for the Saeger baby is…

Mike Saeger, radio voice of the 66ers, became a dad for the first time last Friday when his wife J’leen gave birth to a girl, at 10:25 a.m., weighing eight pounds and measuring 19 inches.

I’m going to add to the drama a little bit longer before revealing the name.

If you recall, I posted on Sept. 11, a follow-up to a previous post asking for baseball-related baby names (especially Dodgers), because that’s what they wanted.

I got another e-mail after that Sept. 11 post, from a childhood friend of Saeger’s, Kevin Koons, who suggested Vin Scully Saeger. Well, since Vin is tough for a girl, they didn’t go with that.

They didn’ go with the other suggestions I got for a first and a middle name: Robinson Koufax, Grand Slam, Mitt Hurler, Jack Looper, Chase Striker, Diamond Lace, Diamond Pearl, Pearl Lace. Or some others they were considering: Shea, Ebbets, Camden or Wrigley.

J’leen at one point wanted to name the baby Saeger Saeger. And she wasn’t really kidding. Mike, of course, nixed that idea. So they got the next best thing, a middle name of Michael.

As for the first name, the winner is….


I had to rush to my computer to find the baseball connection. Apparently, there’s a former female baseball player named Ashlyn Homer. Or, as Saeger texted me, “most bats are made of ash.”

It’s good Saeger doesn’t broadcast college games, because Aluminum Saeger has more of a “ping” than a “ring” to it.

Anyway, congratulations to the Saegers.