Ideas for Mt. SAC Area releaguing

I know I’m weird, but I love the intrigue of releaguing for the area high schools.

There will be plenty of changes this time around for the Mt. SAC Area (I-605 to I-15), one of which seems to be a done deal is Claremont out of the Baseline League and going to a league perhaps the same level as the Miramonte League.

The question is, what school will take Claremont’s place.  The other teams in the league aren’t going to be thrilled with a five-team league. They want a sixth. One proposal I’ve seen has Chino Hills taking that sixth spot. Geography wise, that’s not a good fit.

I thiink Damien/St. Lucy’s would be a better fit, although Baseline schools might not be thrillled. Glendora might make sense, but the Tartans want relief from the Sierra League, not a move up or at least a parallel move to the Baseline. So they won’t be thrilled.  It will be interesting to see. The next meeting is this week. Stay tuned …