A new twist for Mt. SAC Area releaguing

Four appeals were heard by the CIF-SS appeals commitee on Wednesday regarding the releaguing proposal passed April 21 for the Mt. SAC Area.

Two schools had their appeals upheld: Glendora and West Covina South Hills, while Covina Charter Oak and Rowland were denied. I’m not sure how Charter Oak was denied while South Hills was upheld (they were placed in the same league, yet South Hills has a stronger athletic program).

That leaves an alternative proposal out there now: Glendora from the Baseline back to the Sierra and South Hills from the Sierra to the San Antonio/Miramonte. The first one was NOT overturned. That initial proposal, voted by the committee on April 21, will be the first one presented to league reps on Oct. 23. If that one gets four of the seven votes, it will pass. If it doesn’t, the second proposal will be considered. Other appeals can still be heard May 20 by the executive council, which could impact any proposals considered in October.

Even with four appeals, two of which were upheld, ad hoc releaguing committee chairman Denis Paul, wasn’t frustrated at the outcome.

“As the area chairman, the process was served. It’s a very thorough process. It’s not perfect, (but) no one challenged the process, which I feel good about. People could certainly see it was a difficult area to come up with proposals,” Paul said.