Do Quakes have a chance? It looks like it

I’ll admit that prior to the beginning of the playoffs, all signs seemed to point to a short end for the Quakes.

–Quakes had worst record ever to qualify for the playoffs and it tied for the 2nd worst Quakes record all-time. They went 1-6 down the stretch.

–Lake Elsinore won 20 of the 34 regular-season meetings.

–No team that finished 12 games behind another defeated the better regular season team in the playoffs, or even won a game.

–Lake Elsinore had won in the first round 3 straight years.

Of course, none of that mattered and the Quakes won. Looking at the next matchup against formidable High Desert, it looks like the Quakes have a chance.


–High Desert only outscored the Quakes by two runs and the Quakes won 7 of the last 12 games between them.

–the Quakes have momentum, but have also had two days off (Tuesday, Friday) since the end of the regular season. They might be able to steal one in Adelanto  from a potentially rusty Mavericks team.

–As long as they can get to them, the Quakes have a solid bullpen. New closer Michael Kohn is unhittable and struck out 12 in six previous innings against the Mavericks.

–The Quakes seem to believe, which is as important as anything else.