Beer batter jinx strikes again against Quakes

Some teams in the California League have something called the “beer batter.” At Stater Bros. Stadium in Adelanto, if the designated “beer batter” for the other team strikes out, beer is sold at a discount for the next 10 minutes.

In Game 1 of the South Division Championship Series in Adelanto, the Mavericks picked Quakes outfielder Jeremy Moore. And Moore struck out in his two at-bats during the “beer batter” promotion, which I believe is the first six innings.

In Game 2, they picked infielder Abel Nieves. Nieves struck out his first two times up before flying out his third time up in the first six innings.

Now, in Wednesday night’s Game 5, they picked the hottest of Quakes. Efren Navarro had four hits in his last five at-bats entering the game, and the one out was a line drive snared by first baseman Joe Dunigan in his last at-bat of Game 4.

What did Navarro do in the first inning Wednesday? He struck out, of course. Whether the Mavericks win or lose, beer-drinking and penny-wise Mavericks fans can be happy with the series.