Can broadcasters be traded?

I don’t know if broadcasters can really be traded, unless they both consent to do so.

But that’s in effect what has happened with the Quakes. When former broadcaster Jeff Levering was let go by the Quakes in the ownership change at the end of last season, he was replaced by Mike Lindskog, a former broadcaster in the Brett Sports empire, who is returning to the California League after being with the Double-A Springfield Cardinals.

Since then, Levering has been looking for new work. I for one, was sure he would find something as he is a quality broadcaster. And he finally did it — he’s got Lindskog’s old job with Springfield.

That might be weird for both of them. Lindskog will be hearing things about Levering, his predecessor and replacement this season, and likewise for Levering.

Interesting isn’t it that both their last names begin and end with the same letter? Coincidence? Probably.