Bretts get extension to sell Mavericks

Since the six month waiver for Brett Sports to sell the High Desert Mavericks expired almost two weeks ago, the question has been, what next?

The Bretts announced their intention to sell the Mavericks last spring when they announced they were buying the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. That was required by California League and Minor League Baseball rules; one owner cannot own two teams in the same league.

Both Minor League Baseball and the California League have granted extensions to the Bretts to sell the team.

“Bobby has been trying diligently to sell the team,” California League president Charlie Blaney said.

Blaney would not comment on how long the extension is for, or how the league vote went, but “the league is very supportive of Bobby.” Blaney said that since the Bretts took control of the Quakes in August, no teams have been sold in minor league baseball.

There have been situations in the past where the league would take control of a league franchise, including I believe, Bakersfield with the California League a few years ago. But Blaney said this is not one of those situations.

“It would be a possibility, if they couldn’t pay their bills or were having trouble financially, but that’s not applicable here,” Blaney said.