Barely old enough to shave, Corbin gets shaving cream treatment

At 20 years old, Quakes left-hander Patrick Corbin is the youngest player on the team. And he doesn’t look any older than that. He does, however, pitch like he’s older than that.

After going 8-0 with low Single-A Cedar Rapids earlier this season, Corbin improved his Cal League record to 3-2 with  3.26 ERA after pitching six shutout innings on Saturday in the Quakes’ 3-2 win over Lake Elsinore.

During the postgame interview with yours truly, at least three teammates (I believe two were Gabe Jacobo and Beau Brooks) pretending bats were microphones, sticking them near us as a radio reporter would.

Corbin was enjoying the moment and answering my questions. He did not notice teammate Luis Jimenez sneak around behind him. As I asked him a question about the strike zone, Jimenez shoved a (plate or towel) full of shaving cream in his face as his teammates watched.

Corbin didn’t seem to mind, except he admitted the taste of it wasn’t his favorite.