New wall construction from Golden State Water Company

Golden State Water Company is building a new well at their 2273 N. Indian Hill Blvd. property and it will start after a temporary 24-foot high sound wall is installed, according to city manager Tony Ramos’ weekly update.

The 24-hour-drilling will start on Nov. 16 and is expected to last about one week.

Other activities that could involve a similar 24-hour schedule include gravel pouring, installation of well casing and group seal and could last an additional five weeks, according to the release. The water company has obtained approvals for the temporary noise variance and new well from the city’s planning commission on Nov. 16, 2010.

If there’s any questions or concerns, contact the water company’s 24-hour customer service hotline at 800-999-4033 or the city’s community development department at 909-399-5470.