ON THE ROAD: Metro Board shelves 710 Freeway tunnel in favor of traffic improvements

At its monthly meeting today Metro’s Board of Directors voted to approve a motion from its Ad-Hoc Congestion, Highway and Roads Committee to adopt the Transit Systems Management/Transit Demand Management (TSM/TDM) option for closing the 710 Freeway gap between I-10 in Alhambra and East Los Angeles and I-210 in Pasadena. The vote was 12-0.

The motion apparently puts an end to a single-bore tunnel to close a more than 6-mile gap from where the 710 Freeway ends at Valley Blvd. near Alhambra and 1-210 in Pasadena. “I’ve thought the tunnel was the best approach, but I’ve also come to the realization that it’s un-fundable and if it happened it was many, many years away,” said Board Chair and Duarte Mayor Pro Tem John Fasana. Instead, according to The Source (a Metro communication vehicle), “many Board Members said they hoped to do something immediate rather than wait years for a freeway tunnel that may never have enough funding and/or political support to be built.”

Read my report following the committee meeting HERE.

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