Montebello may cut 40 percent of administrative staff

This just in from Montebello Unified School District.

“In a response to the massive budget cuts proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger, MUSDs Board of Education recently voted to notify nearly 40 percent of certificated administrators that their positions may be changed, reduced or eliminated. The district is working to keep budget reductions away from classrooms.”

We have all been hearing about massive cuts and reductions but 40 percent of your administrators is quite a hit.

  • Mrs. M

    Dear Amanda,
    Thank you for keeping us posted about the current Ed. budget cuts. I also read the article in regards to C.Cota and instantly emailed yr. article to as many teachers/employees in MUSD that I could. I have worked as a teacher in MUSD for about 10 yrs. It is incredible that a current “acting principal” doesn’t seem the bit worried. This “acting principal” at the school(Washington) down the street from Fremont Elem. has only been in the district 9 yrs. and acts as if she will be at our school next school year, when many admin. with much more experience have recvd. notification of demotions(if she has recvd. any type of notification she hasn’t told us). Rumour is that she is “friends” with a board member. If this is true, isn’t that something that should be looked into? She also recently told a probationary teacher that “she was not the right fit” as principals are coached to tell prob. teachers when they don’t want them to return. I think what burns me about the situation is that she is an inexperienced “acting principal”. This teacher that she asked to not return worked with 2 previous principals(T. Macy & R. Rivera), with positive evaluations, and she would have become permanent the 1st day of school in Sept.’08. How can this new principal let go of this teacher in 5 months? Simply put, she doesn’t like the fact that this teacher speaks her mind, and I suspect she has another person in mind to replace this great teacher that has been unjustly told “she’s not the right fit”. I pondered emailing you, but I just felt that your journalistic instincts would look into this matter. Thank you.