Cota article gets mixed reactions

I have received both positive and negative reaction from an article that ran today titled Montebello School Officials Plan to demote Principal Cota.

Many parents left me messages saying they are grateful the article ran and they only wish an article could be written about each teacher and administrator that might be let go.

A handful of other parents said they do not support Cota and they do not feel he is a good principal.

On a side note, while writing this article I once again found members of the Montebello School Board nearly impossibly to get a hold of. Board President Marcella Calderon did not return numerous phone calls.

The only board member who commented and proved to be helpful was Vice President Gerri Guzman.

  • Anonymous

    Reading from one Board member’s reaction it appears that all of the board member did not have all of the information before they made their decision regarding Mr. Cota.