Reaction to yearbook slap

This story about a prank in Charter Oak High School’s yearbook has been getting much reaction from the community. Here is what some people wrote in e-mails to me this morning:

“I just read your story a few minutes ago. I’m wondering how I would go about donating money so that the yearbooks can be reprinted. Perhaps other readers would be interested in donating, as well.
As a mother and elementary school teacher, I am absolutely sickened by this horrible incident. This is not a “prank”, but an act of disrespect and hatred. Charter Oak’s administrators need to go the distance in their efforts to right this wrong.”
                                                                                                          Lisa of Sierra Madre
Another reader, Janie, wrote:

“Same thing happened to a page in the South Hills High School Yearbook.  It was on a Parents Senior Dedication Page and someone wrote horrible things to the seniors pictures.

On one photo, the parent wrote “Gorgeous” and someone wrote “Not Gorgeous”…. On the family portrait, the parent wrote “We Love You”… and someone wrote, “We Don’t Love you”.

All the yearbooks were recalled and a huge sticker of the Seniors Dedication Page was placed over top.  Some people ripped the stickers off out of curiosity.  The sticker photo is not clear and parents pay big bucks to do the Senior Dedication Page.

How sad that these few students have to ruin everything.  I think Charter Oak should kick the student out and have the parents pay for damages.”