Reaction to yearbook slap

This story about a prank in Charter Oak High School’s yearbook has been getting much reaction from the community. Here is what some people wrote in e-mails to me this morning:

“I just read your story a few minutes ago. I’m wondering how I would go about donating money so that the yearbooks can be reprinted. Perhaps other readers would be interested in donating, as well.
As a mother and elementary school teacher, I am absolutely sickened by this horrible incident. This is not a “prank”, but an act of disrespect and hatred. Charter Oak’s administrators need to go the distance in their efforts to right this wrong.”
                                                                                                          Lisa of Sierra Madre
Another reader, Janie, wrote:

“Same thing happened to a page in the South Hills High School Yearbook.  It was on a Parents Senior Dedication Page and someone wrote horrible things to the seniors pictures.

On one photo, the parent wrote “Gorgeous” and someone wrote “Not Gorgeous”…. On the family portrait, the parent wrote “We Love You”… and someone wrote, “We Don’t Love you”.

All the yearbooks were recalled and a huge sticker of the Seniors Dedication Page was placed over top.  Some people ripped the stickers off out of curiosity.  The sticker photo is not clear and parents pay big bucks to do the Senior Dedication Page.

How sad that these few students have to ruin everything.  I think Charter Oak should kick the student out and have the parents pay for damages.”

  • CO resident
  • West Covina Watcher

    What are these parents teaching their children, and how did this not get caught before the yearbooks were printed? The whole thing is vile and I hope the student responsible gets expelled and this incident is a permanent mark on his or her record. In fact, it should be considered as a form of vandalism and the student should be charged with defacing private property. Yearbooks are worth a lot of money. He or she should also be forced to apologize to each and every student hurt by this, including the students in the BSU and the yearbook staff who worked hard all year to have a product of which they could be proud.

    We should all be outraged! Let’s call for action!

  • El Gato Malo

    No, let’s not be outraged. Let’s put this in perspective. Apparently, some kid had “saver” text written up, which was supposed to be replaced with actual names after the picture was available. Instead, the “saver” names got printed. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!

    If it was a page for the Vietnamese or Chinese or Indian student organization and it had made up “saver” names like “Pei King Duc” or “Sri Rupee,” how fired up would people be?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  • Anonymous

    The South Hills yearbook was just one page, not about seniors as stated previously. Yes, South Hills yearbook advisor was smart enough to hold the distribution one day and fix the problem. You cannot even tell that the page is glued over the error………….you only know that this had happened if you heard about it.

  • COHS Alumnus

    Heads should roll over this.

    I have always taken pride is telling people that I came from a part of town that wasn’t overrun with racial tension. Now, I can only longer make this claim.

    First, the teacher adviser did not do her job. Isn’t this the whole reason why we have faculty advisers?

    Second, this kid needs to be expelled. I doubt that will happen as school districts have no stomach to teach children the difference between right and wrong.

    And the pathetic attempt by my alma mater to remedy the situation makes me ashamed to call myself a Charter Oak High alumnus.

    If heads don’t roll, maybe it is time to elect ourselves a new school board. Or to recall some of these jokes.

  • Anonymous

    This is being blown out of proportion! The kid made a huge mistake and I’m sure he is aware of that. He never intended the names to be printed as they were. It’s called changing fake names on proofs. Perhaps if BSU had gotten the club names to the yearbook staff on time, this mistake wouldn’t have occurred. I’m sure the student will think twice about making any type of racial comment that might be “discriminating.” Besides, who are you guys kidding? Most of us have made a “racist” comment or have laughed at a joke that has discriminated a person or group. Just because you haven’t been caught or it hasn’t been published doesn’t mean you haven’t made a similar, if not, worse, mistake at one point or another. There are far worse injustices than a high school kid’s mistake.

  • Anonymous

    As a parent in the Charter Oak School District, I am appauled that anyone would do such a thing! Our district’s ethnic diversity is what makes it so special and this really is upsetting that first, anyone would do this and, second, that an adult advisor did not catch it. This is definitely not an over reaction on the part of anyone who has read this article and is appauled by it.

  • Anonymous

    Hi. I was and currently am part of the staff at the high school. first and foremost, I would like to apologize to anyone who this may have offended. Regardless of the situation, the names were rude and should not have been placed in the spread. What not everyone knows though is that it was not intentionally done. In no way, fashion, or method were these names meant to be printed. The news stations call it a “prank” or “racial hatred”. None of these suggestions are true. This is what happened. First of all, there are many mistakes in the book due to bad management of time. With the pressure of deadlines, and fines from the printing plant, the person in charge of the section placed fake names in place of real ones, called “filler text”. After sending the pages to the plant, they are sent back to the class so that the final corrections can be made. When they were returned, the student in charge of making the corrections was told by the yearbook adviser that there was nothing else to be done and that all of the “filler text” had been corrected. Being told that their was nothing else he could help with, the student trusted that the pages were correct. Somehow though, the pages were printed with the discriminating names. We had problems with the plant not printing the updated versions of pages, but it is unsure whether this was a mistake of the plant printing the old pages, or a mistake on the part of the staff and adviser of not correcting the names. I am not saying that it was the correct thing to do; putting the names in. Granted, they are offensive. What I am trying to convey is that is was a mistake, and not, in any way, a way to poke fun at a certain group. I hope that everyone can understand the situation a little bit better. Thank you.

  • Anon


    I too work for the school. I have also worked in the printing business. Filler text for names were John A. Doe, John B. Doe, Jane A. Doe, and the like. They were neutral and non-offensive. Never were the names racially tainted. Now, forget the fact that they were never intentionally meant to be printed, they shouldn’t have been typed!

    What has happened is that the quality controls were lax and these got through. That is why there are editors for books and other publications. The individual that is supposed to be the vanguard for this book failed and failed big. How big? News crews are parked in front of the DSC (District Office) to get the boards take on all this. Men in suits are meeting with the board right now about this issue and the NAACP is investigating.

  • Patriot Man

    Hey COHS Alum, never be ashamed to be a Charger just because of this. It was a stupid thing that a dumb kid did to be funny. He should be ashamed.
    What I don’t understand is why do they need to have groups based on race in high schools? How many racial groups are there? What is the purpose of the group? All 3 of my kids went to CO. They never mentioned anything.

  • Anonymous

    How can you guys say that it was a mistake? “Tay tay”?
    Try again.
    I’m sure you all had a lot on your hands with the yearbook being delayed and tons of pictures being put on there at the last minute, but that was a gross mistake. It is offensive and I think the student should be suspended and hopefully kicked off yearbook staff. There was so many errors on it that I don’t even look in the back pages.
    To call it racial may throw it too far.
    But it was a very stupid thing to do.
    The yearbook is tainted and it sucks to have to keep such a shallow prank in our bookcases to show our family in later generations.

    I’d be terribly sad and ashamed if it was a senior who did it.

  • Anonymous

    The mistakes in the COHS yearbook were not on just one page! There are MANY blatant errors throughout the book.

    If you check out the Sophomore section, you WON’T find 30 pictures and names of Sophomores…they were deliberately deleted. One of those deleted Sophomores, said, “It’s as if I didn’t even attend school this year.” He handled the taunts from his fellow classmates well, but it still hurt.

    I spoke personally with Bonnie Shockey, who told me one student on the yearbook staff has been expelled, and others are being suspended. Ms. Shockey is devastated.

    Hearing about the racial bias today on the news makes me sick.

    Yearbooks are not just memories…they become networks for alumni for years to come…they are an historic record that students attended the school, and in which activities they were involved.

    The errors made were no mistake. They were not an oversight. It wasn’t the company’s fault. They were the deliberate actions of some terribly misguided students, who apparently lacked integrity and much-needed supervision. These students are a disgrace to Charter Oak High.

    And what makes this even worse is the lack of character shown by the leadership of COHS, and the Charter Oak Unified School District offcials. I agree with Jordan Smith. The DISTRICT needs to apologize and reprint the yearbooks at the District’s expense. Slapping on tacky stickers over unashamed errors, and cutting out the Sophomore section, and sewing in a reprinted doctored-up section in September doesn’t cut it. Offering affected students a $5 ticket to attend next year’s yearbook signing party hardly covers the loss felt.

    Doesn’t the District’s “character count”? If they had any true character they would own up to this, take responsibility, and make this terrible “slap” right. The District needs to have the yearbooks corrected and reprinted. Anything less remains a blight on the good reputation of the Charter Oak community.

  • Anonymous

    As a former yearbook advisor, I can understand how things can get crazy.

    However, whenever we didn’t know a person’s name, we put XXX in the spot for their name – the x’s were obvious that something needed to be there, yet we didn’t know what at the time. If for some reason it went to print, we were okay b/c x’s don’t suggest anything other than we didn’t know the name. If it was a large group that we didn’t know, one of two things happened – one, we didn’t print the names, but just the group name or two, I sent the picture with a trusted student who went to various teachers on campus who would know the students and we would get the names. I feel it’s important that if you include a picture, the person’s name should be there.

    Additionally, as the advisor, I would check, double-check and triple check our pages. Sure, mistakes still occurred, but I felt it was my duty as the advisor to be looking.

    For the person who suggested that stickers were “tacky”, welcome to the world of yearbook. That is the typical recourse when a mistake has occurred. Most yearbooks anymore cost $50,000+ to make. It’s an expensive book to create. I agree the district and yearbook staff should apologize, but to suggest that the book be reprinted is out of question. As for the sophomores who were not included, again, welcome to yearbooks. I know that I did my best with the senior section to ensure that no senior was left out; but with underclassmen, if the pic was there, great. If not, it was not of a concern of mine. That may sound cold, but I can’t worry about a mugshot. I always say if you want to ensure that you are included in the yearbook, get involved in school! The more clubs, sports and activities you’re involved in, the better your chances are for making the yearbook.

    I also feel that the students whose names were misprinted should get their book for free. The district, school and publishing company could eat the costs for those yearbooks. It’s the very least they could do for those kids.

    It’s unfortunate that this happened and it’s very much an expensive learning opportunity. Hopefully, future yearbook students, whether at Charter Oak or elsewhere, will take note of this situation and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  • Anonymous

    They were not saver names and BSU was not late on turning in names. I go to COHS and when the picture is taken, the yearbook staff records all the names, so BSU is not at fault at all. Also, the BSU picture is not the only wrong one. In fact, I would say 80% of the club pictures have wrong names and/or mistakes. I’m sorry to say this but I think the yearbook is a lot worse than it has been in previous years. Way too many mistakes (not just the clubs).

  • Anonymous

    Stickers in a yearbook are tacky! If the 2008 COHS yearbook had a sticker to cover every “mistake” in the yearbook, it would look like a patchwork quilt.
    But the stickers given to the BSU students are not just tacky…they were given to cover up racial hatred.
    And the students who were deliberately deleted by a student on the yearbook staff can’t be given a sticker with their picture to place it where it belongs.
    Yes, yearbooks are expensive. Ask any parent or student who buys one. Which is why the district should reprint them. Maybe the district and the high school and the students on the yearbook staff will take the job of producing and publishing a yearbook more seriously next time.
    How much will the lawsuit(s) cost the district over this issue, not to mention the bad press? In the long run, it will be cheaper to reprint the yearbooks and save face with the Charter Oak community.

  • Concerned Parent

    Wow!! When I saw this story on the news I couldnt believe it. I am new to the Glendora community and have been worried about putting my daughter in the public schools in this area. She has been going to a Charter School near my job so I dont have a problem taking her to school, but now that she will be going to 7th grade in the Fall, she wants a different experience and wants to attend school in our neighborhood. The school would be Royal Oak Intermediate. I was already worried about putting her in that school because of their lousy test scores and the fact that she has always been in either a private or charter school which has a better teacher/student ratio. I like the fact that my child is not just another face but that her teachers actually know who she is. With this so-called “mistake” with the yearbooks, it makes me wonder what other kind of racial problems go on at the schools in this community. Its bad enough we have all the Hispanic vs Black issues which is crazy cause we all go through the same crap when it comes to economic issues, we’re just different shades of brown!! Instead of fighting eachtother we need to band together and be a louder voice in the community. At any rate, Im sure the kid that did this will get a slap on the hand if anything. Its never a big deal until it hits home in some kind of way. And I agree with the people that said that Jane/John Doe couldve been used, why were these stereotypical ethnic names used? Crazy!! Well now I have a decision to make as far as the school my child will attend, although she is mature enough to want a different experience and go to a public school, I know a RACIAL experience is NOT what she, NOR I want her to go through.

  • Anonymous

    In reading these comments today, I am very saddened as to what is happening. One (or a few, who knows for sure) person’s action has caused this turmoil in our district. This is NOT what Charter Oak is about. To the parent that is now re-thinking their position on sending their child to Royal Oak, please know that this action is NOT a reflection on what our district and community is about. I love the fact that my children have friends of all races and economic backgrounds. As a community, we need to reaffirm what we are about and raise up against this issue. I am confident (due to seeing some of the interviews on t.v.) that the students and parents of the students that were insulted, realize that this is not how the majority feels and this student(s) who chose to do this to the yearbook does not speak for the community nor the elected officials on the school board who represent us and our children. They are as diverse as our community and I, for one, am very proud of that. We cannot turn away from our community because one of the family members has made a horrible and thoughtless mistake. We MUST embrace our community and not let this affect the community as a whole. We should take it as a building block to make our community even stronger.

  • Anonymous

    This is #@$! disgusting!
    I live in Charter Oak.
    I have a child in school there.
    Quoted from the this article

    “Of the 2,000 students who attend Charter Oak High School about 45 percent are Latino; 30 percent white and 4.5 percent black, according to school officials.”

    I know that the entire Charter Oak District
    School Board is White. Where is the diversity there? How would they know how it feels to be humiliated? I USED to donate alot of money to the district but now my child is going to private school unless something changes!!! I’m sick of this!
    I will spread the word!!!

  • Anonymous

    To whoever said this was an accident…

    Take a look at another club picture in this year’s yearbook: GSA [Gay-Straight Alliance]. Read the names, and now tell me that wasn’t a joke.

    Yeah, thought so.

  • COHS Alumnus

    I have to agree that a lot of this is due to the racial and cultural insensitivity of the school board.

    Charter Oak, the step-child of Glendora and Covina, should have a school board that is responsive and representative to its children. Clearly, we do not have that.

    On another note, one of my college buddies, who lives in Boston, forwarded me this story off the Associated Press, asking, “Is this your old high school?”

    This is just a disgrace.

    The high school yearbook adviser has to go! And maybe some administrator and a few of those school board members who have not noticed that the neighborhood has changed a bit.

    Or maybe Charter Oak should just become a part of the Glendora or Covina Valley or Bonita school district. Why does it exist in the first place? It only has eight school and services just a few thousand kids.

    It was probably some absurd reason going back to the 50’s and race and ethnicity. These things always do.

  • Anonymous

    I am the parent of a COHS student, a Royal Oak Intermediate student, and a Washington Elementary student. I am proud of the education that my children receive at those schools. I have my daughter’s COHS yearbook and the “mistakes” are horrible. Yes, this mistake made either by the printing company, the yearbook advisor or by a student or group of students is a disgrace, but should it taint the entire district? Is it really the superintendent’s or principal’s faults that this occurred? Does anyone really think that these people should be held personally responsible and should be fired for this?

    What is it that people want the principal and superintendent to do to “fix” the situation? They can’t very well wave their magic wands and make it disappear. The sticker idea was a quick solution to an error that no one knew about until shortly before school was out.

    My solution suggestion: Any students (regardless if the student was directly affected or not) who wishes to receive a reprinted yearbook should get one at no cost as soon as they can be corrected and reprinted. The student(s) responsible should be punished, possibly including being expelled. This would send a definite message that Charter Oak will not tolerate this kind of hurtful behavior.

    But should the principal and/or superintendent hang for this? No. They had no prior knowledge of this incident until after it happened and they did their best to find a quick solution. It’s not like they could reprint the yearbooks as easily as going to Kinko’s.

    And to those that feel that the board members didn’t do enough, then remember that they are ELECTED OFFICIALS that YOU and YOUR NEIGHBORS elected into office. They are all Charter Oak community members, most if not all of whom had kids who attended the district schools or they themselves attended the schools. They don’t want the district to have a bad reputation either. But still, if you don’t think they’re doing their job, then show up at the polls next time and vote for someone else.

    Charter Oak has been a school district for a long time and it would be sad if their many years of fine educational service were summed up and remembered solely for this one tragic act of stupidity.

  • Laquan White

    Nothing is more racist than a Black Student Union.

  • Blind !

    I agree that it is sad very sad that a kids prank would go this far. It is almost as even though with a thing called BSU. Why is this allowed? I often hear end racial indifference, unity, equality. Make the playing field even disband all this stuff and let kids be kids. EVEN and FAIR !

  • Jim

    As long as schools encourage segregation with I-wanna-be-a-victim groups such as the “Black Student Union” and “Gay-Straight Alliance” (Really? Is there a “White Student Union” or a “Hetrosexual” club? Didn’t think so) kids will be allowed to set themselves up for a fall. Although racisim is unacceptable, the professional race victims must accept thier fair share of responsibility. After all, without racism, the Al Sharpton types would have to go find something productive to do.

  • Anonymous

    To Jim: ‘Encourage segregation’? Look, with a student poulation of 4.5% of course the “black” students can have a student union. The “white” and “latino” students have their own, too — it’s called Charter Oaks High School. Perhaps the kids in the Black Student Union formed their club to share common interests — such as ‘how the hell do we manage getting through this place while people pick at us like a scab?’. Maybe my generation is still caught in the past but I was under the assumption that today’s youth were beyond this juvenile stuff.

    UNLESS, unless there are other student name bastardizations used as filler that hit each “group” equally, like “Kent Jumpe”, “Rhett Baak”, Wyte Turache”, Berrito Sue Preem”, or “Val E. Gurhl”. THEN it would be just be hysterical, stupid and rude, high school humor, for which the offending student will now have to become an adult and face reasonable consequences. We’ve ALL been there in one form or another when we were 16/17 so let’s not get too holier than thou. But sadly, I suspect it was a more focused effort…

    More disturbing however, is how this yearbook even made it to print. Can’t make a deadline in high school? Uh, kids, it gets worse in the real world. Having a teacher advisor that allows blank pages and other misspellings and an overall poor product? In this day of word processors? Doesn’t anybody proofread, or has our sodden American Society become so lazy with writing that nobody notices, let alone cares?

    The yearbook never should have been printed. The TEACHER needs remedial help or another position. Hell, I’ll volunteer from down here. To not speak truth to real life and provide motivation and pride — not in how you were born (“Proud to be Irish!) or where you live but in each individuals’ singular accomplishments done well, is a disservice to the kids.

    MFlynn MD
    Venice, CA

  • Mort

    Before commenting I would like to hear what the Charter Oak High School’s White Student Union has to say about it.

    We’ve only heard from the Charter Oak High School’s Black Student Union so far!

  • perro malo

    When African-Americans use these names for their kids…we are to RESPECT and APPRECIATE their homage to their ancestry. But, when a non-AA uses the same as a filler….it is racist.

    Time to give up your double standard and get your touchy feelings off of your sleeve. That’s right, grow up.

  • Art D.

    Those who are saying this is a “prank” or a “mistake” are way off base. This was a deliberate act of vandalism, which is going to cost a lot of money to repair. The largest share of blame, aside from the student who did this, goes to the faculty advisor, who did not do her job with a final check of all the page proofs.

    The students who were defaced not only deserve face to face apologies and a complete recall and reprint of all yearbooks, they deserve to be refunded the money they paid for them too. They’re not cheap!

    A high school yearbook is a sacred keepsake for most high school students, and this episode, if not handled correctly, can leave a very bitter taste in those affected students for the rest of their lives. Go the distance to fix this one, and get that vandal some help. That kind of blind hatred is like arson. Once the fire is set, it can’t be unset.

  • Cynthia

    I agree with everyone saying the books should be reprinted, personal apologies given, and the vandal-student expelled. That would be a lesson that kid would never forget. It is a big deal, and was no accident.

    I also agree with those who say there should not be a BSU, or any segregated student union, based on race or gender. That’s a much bigger issue, and one which our entire society needs to deal with.

    We ought to be one nation of Americans, not a nation of hyphenated sub groups. That is fundamentally racist and sexist.

    Let’s put the blame and punishment on those who deserve it – especially the student who did it and the lax faculty advisor who didn’t do her job. Yearbook staff who didn’t do their jobs, and the printer who made their share of foul-ups too.

    School and district administrators should only be judged by how they remedy the situation.

  • KB

    Is anyone else surprised that a high school has racial/ethnic clubs and groups? I find that somewhat disheartening, considering that separating by race is precisely what should be avoided in schools. I’m not sure groups like this would even have been allowed in my high school, and I graduated less than 10 years ago.

  • Arthur Small

    I wonder if the Jena 6 complained about the same thing. Seems they also were maligned!

    It does show that only whites are racist though. Can’t deny that as I never read of a black doing anything wrong! They are always the victims.

  • Arthur Small

    Upon further research I find I may be wrong:

  • FlynnMD

    Hmmm, the BSU is a problem? No groups based on gender or race. There goes the Pom-Pom Girls and the Boy’s Glee Club and the segregated sports teams… The reason for the BSU is that rather than get picked off individually, they’re grouping together as would any group that either felt ostracized by the majority or just wanted to commiserate with like-minded individuals of similar backgrounds. That’s why my high school had the Freaks, the Jocks, the Stoners, the Geeks, etc. Get off the shallow argument re: having a BSU — unless all other students were also characterized in this fashion then their overall complaint and their request for an appropriate respone is valid, although I hope it won’t be over-blown a’la Jerry Springer.

  • Notyou


    When I graduated in the 1980’s ‘Break Dancing’ was popular and we, (yes – even we white boyz), had ‘street names’ that were printed in the year book.

    High school is a time of stupidity. After more than 20 years, when we meet former students – you know what they remember? Our names. Who cares if [people of color or ethnicity other than white] have a street name? The culture slathered all over the media kind of requires it…

    If you don’t want even mistakes like this to happen – don’t encourage it. Parents, force your children to be known by the name on the birth certificate. They have no useful opinion on life until they reach 18. Everyone else – this too shall pass. Focus on the future, it’s a lot longer than the few years you’ve spent on a room with others your own age.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe people are actually suggesting that there should not be racial/ethnic clubs. You guys obviously never got involved [or even went to] high school. These kinds of clubs are just interest groups. It’s about celebrating culture and heritage, and perhaps learning a thing or two. Although the majority of members of BSU are of African-American descent, that does not mean others are not allowed to join. In fact, there have been plenty of non-AA students that have been a part BSU in the past. Getting rid of the NUMEROUS ethnic clubs at Charter Oak is not the answer.

    And Jim, yes, there is a club that focuses on the American culture, and you obviously didn’t understand the meaning of “Gay-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE.” Nice try, though.

  • Phillip Marlow

    I guess I don’t get it. What, the U.S. Government integrated the schools so that the students could then segregate into races inside those schools!

    Minorities either want integrated or segregated schools, which is it?

    And yes, as the other man said, why haven’t we heard from the Charter Oak High School’s White Student Union? Or would that be too racist to have such a club?

  • Phillip Marlow

    Well, it appears to me that there is no Charter Oak High School White Student Union to hear from.

    This tells me that there is a group of racists in Charter Oak High School and the problem is not anyone dealing with publishing of the yearbook!

    It appears the racists are the ones complaining about racism.

    What is it that is escaping me as I believe it should be pretty obvious what is going on here?

    The next thing I expect to read about is Al Sharpton is coming to town! I smell a rat and suspect another ploy for a shakedown.

  • Phillip Marlow

    Well, it appears to me that there is no Charter Oak High School White Student Union to hear from.

    This tells me that there is a group of racists in Charter Oak High School and the problem is not anyone dealing with publishing of the yearbook!

    It appears the racists are the ones complaining about racism.

    What is it that is escaping me as I believe it should be pretty obvious what is going on here?

    The next thing I expect to read about is Al Sharpton is coming to town! I smell a rat and suspect another ploy for a shakedown.

  • Kunta Kinte

    I know how humiliating it can be. For years some people called me, “Alex Haley!”

  • Don

    Why not say what the punishment is going to be BEFORE you find out the race of the student that did it? Answer, because if a black student did it, they’ll just slap him on the wrist. But, if a white student did it, the school and all the “activists” will be out to ruin his life.

  • Albert Anastasia

    Set yourself up in an Integrated environment as a Segregationist group. Wait for some under age kid from the Integrated group to do something stupid.

    No friends this is not some white boy that has a confederate flag in the back window of his truck. This is not a white with a swastika on his shirt. No, this is not a white who wants to start a “White Club” at the “public” school!

    No this is someone finally taking “the bait” in the trap that was set when the segregationists were allowed to set up a segregated society within the taxpayer supported integrated environment.

    Oh, and maybe some of the integrated students DO take exception with there being segregationists in their midst! Something like what brought about the federal laws that integrated schools. Shoes on the other foot now but then it is claimed the slaves always want to be the masters and this kind of proves it.

    My solution would include an order to disband the segregationists at this and any publicly supported integrated institution. End of problem in the future because the source of racial tension will be removed!

    Pretty simple as it will follow the “letter of the law” wouldn’t it?

    Lets just see if the taxpayers have the guts to demand it!!!

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that the VICTIM in this story said the fake names in the story were “ghetto names”?

    What exactly are “ghetto names” and why would a “parent” want to give their child a “ghetto name”? Seems like this may hamper their ability to be taken seriously or get a job in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? Ghetto names! Are the names, “Tay Tay Shaniqua,” “Crisphy Nanos” and “Laquan White” even possible? The young lady in the article said they are “ghetto names.” Do these names really exist in this part of California?

    I can’t see how the names are racist? “Tay Tay Shaniqua…Crisphy Nanos…Laquan White.” Racist? How? They seem stupid and ridiculous…but how are they racist???

    If the fake name in the yearbook was “Yes Yes California” is this racist? If the false name was “James Brown” would this be racist? What makes a name a “ghetto name” and therefore racist?

    People are so quick to toss out the charge of racism that it is losing its meaning.

  • FlynnMD

    Get your head out the sand folks. The BSU was singled out by the majority for ridicule. Despite the fact that the high school years and yearbooks aren’t worth a bucket of warm spit, which the kids themselves will realize as they get older, it’s an extremely important period for all adolescents and deserves to be acknowledged, if not nurtured by adults. To the kids, this IS a big deal, and getting exclusively “punked” and then mocked by the community for being upset about it shows who’s really in need of education.
    Upon perusing some of these posts, I can see where the ignorance at the high school comes from…
    Hyping what happened as “racist” misses the point and so does justifying what happened by laying out alternative “racist” arguments also misses the greater point.
    Alas, but it takes thoughtfulness to understand this.

  • Anglos

    I personally feel that the soccer page is every bit as distasteful as the BSU page.
    What do you think of “Anglos don’t get it” as the caption that appeared on the page for the soccer team. If by Anglos it is meant people of English descent that would be inaccurate as modern soccer began in England around 1863. But seriously, I say lets move on and learn something from all this and make sure the people responsible for the inappropriate names and captions are banned from any yearbook activities in the future.
    I havent lost faith in the kids at Charter Oak.

  • Diane Guntenspergen

    When I looked at the CO yearbook, it was immediately obvious that not only were there many spelling errors but also a lot of bad judgement used in choosing pictures and quotes. I thought the yearbook was a huge disappointment. The sophomore section was a total disaster. Instead of using white pages so that kids could sign the yearbook, the pages were in black with no place for anyone to sign. That was before I learned of this appauling “mistake”. Wasn’t there someone in charge of proofreading? Timelines are no excuse for poor quality. I cannot believe the poor excuses the Charter Oak School District is using for this disaster. I paid big bucks for that yearbook for my daughter. Not only that, but the school even squeezes out another $5.00 the last week of school so you can get your yearbook “early”, the Friday before school gets out, otherwise the kids have to wait until the day before school gets out to receive the book. When are they supposed to have their friends sign it? Isn’t that what it’s for? If they re-print the whole book, then what? The kids will have a blank unsigned book? Charter Oak needs to re-vamp that Yearbook program, I hope we don’t see a repeat of this again next year.