Arts and crafts at Grandview

If you love the arts, if you adore crafts, why not combine the two at an Arts and Crafts Night being held at Grandview Elementary School in Valinda. The event will be held in the cafeteria at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 16.

If math is more your thing, try Baldwin Academy in La Puente, which will hold a Kinder Family Math Night at 6 p.m.

In other schools in the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, Del Valle will hold its Monthly Awards Assembly for Grades K-4 in the cafeteria from 8:15-10 a.m.

Palm Elementary in Hacienda Heights is offering Parent 1:1 Laptop Training in the school cafeteria at 8:15 a.m.

Tribune student panel

This week’s question: How do students your age view the school and public libraries?

Amanda McCraven, 14, La Verne Lutheran High School
Public libraries are good for finding books and materials and also for kids to join reading programs. But now high school students usually use computers to do research for projects and homework because computers are faster and easy to use. You can find all the information you need for a report on the Internet without leaving your home.

Kasey Haas, 16, Glendora High School
Unfortunately, students think it is unfashionable to be seen at the school and public libraries and take it the libraries for granted. Students prefer the convenience of the Internet, which is available 24/7, especially if they’re involved with sports and club activities.

Derek Klena, 17, South Hills High School
I believe that students my age find the school and public libraries useful. It is a quiet and convenient place for a student to go and either do homework or to study. It is also inexpensive and gives students my age a place to gather resourceful books and access to the internet practically free of charge.

Katie Montemayor, 17, Glendora High School
At this point, students my age see the usefulness of the library but prefer the Internet because it is much easier to get to. Yes, the school libraries are close to school campuses, however, most of the information is available online, which for most students is in their home. So students my age see the library as useful but inconvenient.

Nicholas Kuche, 16, Covina High School
I can’t speak for all students, but I believe that most students
regard the Public Library as a last resort. Students think of the
library as a last resort because they have other resources such as the
internet which provides them with most, if not all the information they

Taylor Moncrief, 15, Diamond Bar High School
Most students my age only use the school and public libraries for school-related activities. The new books that students read in their free time are not in stock in the library. The school and local libraries should have newer books in order to attract the younger students.

Become a more effective parent

Want to become a more effective parent? Then come attend one of the effective parenting classes being held at Rincon Intermediate School in West Covina. Classes will be offered in both English and Spanish. For more information, check the Rowland Unified Web site below.

Local kids invited to free rodeo


Every year, a special private performance for kids is held on the Thursday preceding the Industry Hills Pro Rodeo. This year’s Community Kids Day on Thursday, Oct. 10, will welcome 5,000 students in grades 3-5 from 12 local school districts.

Before the event, the students study special booklets about the history of the West as well as rodeos.

A Rodeo Dance will be held on Saturday, Oct. 11, at 8 p.m., immediately following the Rodeo. Tickets are $5 per person. Music will be provided by Raining Horseshoes. Music and dancing will continue until midnight.

<WC1>For information, call (626) 961-6892. For full details, visit<WC>

Plan for college now!

It’s never too early to plan for your child’s college education. And Wedgeworth Elementary School in Hacienda Heights wants to help!

It will hold a parent education academy on “College Planning Now” from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Thursday in the multipurpose room.

Meanwhile, Los Molinos Elementary will hold a Move-A-Thon from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. on the school blacktop.

Palm Elementary will offer Volunteer Reader Training in its new Wonder of Reading Library from 8:15 a.m. to noon.

Baldwin Academy hosts its Fourth Grade Family Math Night at 6 p.m.

Last but not least, the school board will meet Thursday in the district office. The closed session begins at 7 p.m. followed by the public meeting at 7:30 p.m. 

Parent meeting scheduled

A parent education meeting will be held at Palm Elementary in Hacienda Heights. The meeting will be held in the library from 8:15-9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Under Principal Edna Moore, Palm is a great school with many interesting programs for the kids. Be sure to ask about visiting dairy cows. But that’s an utter story.

Baldwin Academy will hold a First Grade Family Literacy Night at 6 p.m.

Del Valle offers Parent 1:1 Laptop Training in the cafeteria from 8:30-10:30 a.m.

Tribune student panel

This week’s question:”Do you think the high-school exit exam, which is a 10th-grade level  test, should be more difficult given that it’s a graduation requirement?”

Katie Montemayor, 17, Glendora High School
“I really do agree. Having taken the exit exam, I felt like it covered material that was below what the requirements are. I also think that because it is given in 10th-grade it is not an accurate portrayal of what was learned later in high school, specifically junior year, which to most colleges is the most important.”

Derek Klena, 16, South Hills High School
“I feel that the high-school exit exam does not need to be harder. Even though the majority of students pass the test the first time, there are still students who struggle. I think the true indicator of whether a student is ready to graduate or not should not depend solely on a test, but rather their achievement in the classroom with passing grades.”

Taylor Moncrief, 15, Diamond Bar High School
“The high school exit exam is perfect at a 10th-grade level. It is easy enough to ensure that people who have worked hard throughout high school will graduate. It is also easy enough for most struggling students to graduate as well.”

Kasey Haas, 16, Glendora High School
“No, I do not think the high-school exit exam should be more difficult. Students take different courses in the 11th and 12th grade year than they do 9th and 10th. For example, many students do not even take a math course senior year because it is not a graduation requirement. The exit exam should only
be as difficult as the courses required to graduate. If the exit exam is altered to become difficult, the graduation requirements and courses needed should taught at the difficult level as well in preparation of the exit exam.”

Nicholas Kuche, 16, Covina High School
“I think that the California High School Exit Exam should be harder and taken at the 12th-grade level. This test that California schools use to
judge a student’s ability in math and English should be taken at a 12th-grade level so that it will provide an accurate view of what the
students have learned and accomplished during their time in high
school. Being a harder test will better prepare students for the
challenges ahead in college.”

Amanda McCraven, 14, La Verne Lutheran High School
“I think the exit exam should not be harder because high school students
already have enough tests. Also, if the test is more difficult, more
students will fail it the first time and they will have to spend more
time studying for  the exit exam. As a result, they will take time away
from other academic subjects. I think students should be judged for
their overall academic achievements.”

Kinder Family Literacy Night set

Come on, read to your kids.

It’s good for them, and it’s also a lot of fun.

Baldwin Academy will holds it Kinder Family Literacy Night at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Instill a love of reading early on and your child will have enjoy literature the rest of their lives. It also helps them develope a good vocabulary.

Orange Grove Middle School will hold an Awards Assembly in the cafeteria at 6:30 p.m.