Student panel: The spirit of Thanksgiving

Question: Do you think the spirit of Thanksgiving is alive and well in today’s world?

Katie Montemayor, 17, Glendora High School
I do believe the Thanksgiving spirit is alive and well. For me, not only do I experience this with my family and friends but with my community. Glendora is extremely generous to the less fortunate. Not only is this generosity exhibited in the local churches and schools but through the Glendora Police Department and local hospitals and furthermore by the local citizens who keep the warmth of love and community alive.

Derek Klena, 17, South Hills High School
I think that Thanksgiving is still well celebrated. Family members and college students from across the nation still come home for the traditional turkey and stuffing dinner. It is a occasion for gathering and for being thankful for all that we have and I think it is necessary for keeping our nation as well as our families united. People still and always will enjoy this family holiday.

Kasey Haas, 16, Glendora High School
Most people who celebrate Thanksgiving don’t know how it really originated. Most people are under the common misconception that it was when the pilgrims and the Native Americans came together peacefully, gave thanks, and ate a large meal. In reality, Thanksgiving has nothing to do with that. The spirit of Thanksgiving isn’t alive and well in today’s world because the majority of people don’t understand the true history behind it.

Amanda McCraven, 14, La Verne Lutheran High School
Yes, the spirit of Thanksgiving is still alive because we have things like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and other celebrations. Also, people still get together for Thanksgivng celebrations and to give thanks for what they have. Kids at school have feasts and dress up like Native Americans and pilgrims.

Nicholas Kuche, 16, Covina High School
What is the meaning of thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is a time when families come together, sometimes despite vast distances, to share a meal. This happens all over our nation. So I believe that the spirt and tradition of Thanksgiving is alive and well in our country.