I.D. for Success

The Asia Pacific Family Center in Industry is helping the Rowland Unified students set some goals. In a new program “ID for Success” the center is encouraging them to set goals. The ID stands for Important Decisions.

Over the next three months, the fourth-graders will refine their goals, as well as their ability to make important decisions. The ID for Success program will also study other issues, including peer influence and bullies, as well as the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

“We want to prepare them to make good decisions,” explained Simon Wai, program director for the Asian Pacific Family Center.

Wai said the center worked with students at Blandford, Shelyn and Rowland elementary schools in the first semester. The group is teaching Ybarra, Farjardo and Jellick fourth-graders this semester.

The program is funded through Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe’s office. Read about the program and see photos in an upcoming edition of the Rowland Heights Highlander.