Healthy food: coming to a liquor store near you


At least, if you live in Baldwin Park.

Back in 2005, there was a
big push in the state legislature to make sure healthy food was being
sold in schools. SB965 is phasing out soda from campuses, while SB12 mandates that snacks for sale on campus – even
for fundraisers – doesn’t exceed a certain amount of sugar, fat or

The push for healthier food started in the schools,
but now there’s a task force in Baldwin Park taking it to the corners.

Participating corner stores and liquor stores (especially those near
schools) are now highlighting items for sale that meet the criteria of
SB12 and SB965. Healthier snacks and beverages at these stores will
sport the logo you see here that was designed by a local teen.

This is the first phase of the
Healthy Selection” campaign, according to Christina Cardenas, an
advocate coordinator based in Baldwin Park with the California Center
for Public Health Advocacy.

In the next phase, Cardenas
said that a consultant will be working with some of these store owners
to make it easier for them to keep fresh produce and other healthy fare
on hand.

stores include La Blanquita,
Mercado del Pueblo, El Mambi, J & J Liquor, Jay’s Liquor and
Vallarta. Smart & Final  and 7-Eleven are also participating. I’m
going to visit a few of these stores a little bit later to hear what store owners and customers have
to say.

all of this is a part of a broader campaign in Baldwin Park to battle
childhood obesity as a part of the Healthy Eating Active Communities

Look for more information about the campaign in upcoming editions of the La Puente, Baldwin Park and El Monte Highlander.